Finding Time for Yourself as a Busy Mum

“me time” for busy mums doesn’t come easily by any stretch. We’ve pulled together some of our top tips for taking some precious time for yourself – so that in return, you can be the best version of you for your family!


Do Nothing

Some of the best “me time” involves doing nothing but staring out a window or sleeping. Taking a nap is a great way to renew yourself with some downtime. Have you ever just sat in your garden on a nice day to see whatever you see? I love the feeling of my body ceasing to move then commencing on thinking of nothing. For me, it’s the perfect way to regain my composure and peace of mind.



For many, exercising can make all of the difference between a good day and a bad day. A lack of exercise can lead feelings of unhappiness, impatience, feeling scattered and being generally less resilient. By re-establishing an exercise routine you can feel much better about whatever the day has in store. Find a form of exercise you feel good about doing and do it regularly.



I have a passion for aromatherapy, but never really did much with it, or even had time to lift anything to my nose to smell it. Smelling aromas which are pleasant to me makes a paramount difference in how I approach and feel during the day and my attitude as I move through it. After realising that this could be a great way to get my own “me time”, I set out to find some good wholesale prices on some of my favourite essential oils, and purchased them. Once they were delivered, I began mixing these to create my own unique scent I now call “Magic” and “Magic Man”. One for each gender. It’s been a great way for me to execute my sense of creativity and essential oil business at the same time.


Connect with Your Pet

Make some time to connect with your pet one-on-one. You could teach your pet some new tricks, do some exercise together, play at the beach or the local reserve, give them a brush or pamper, talk with your pet, give them a treat and sit with them while they enjoy it, play hide and seek or just spend some time holding or cuddling them. Be as present as you can with your pet and try and remove any distractions so you can dedicate this time to creating a connection.

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