Beauty Products Busy Mums Can Borrow

We just adore babies. They’re cute, lovable, and so much fun to cuddle. And with babies come lots of great baby products that busy mums can borrow. Make that trip to the baby aisle less of a chore and lots more fun when you realize just how many of those deliciously scented baby items are great for you, too. Here are a few baby items to get you started.

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Lotion. I love this lotion. I started using it on my son to help soothe his eczema a couple of years ago. Of course, it worked great for him, but I found that it helped soothe my dry winter skin, too. It goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly, and doesn’t give you that cold chill that a lot of grown-up lotions leave behind. And it feels and smells so good!

Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil. Baby oil can be used for so many things! In a pinch, it makes a terrific eye makeup remover. You can put a little on your legs before shaving to help the razor glide more smoothly or put some in your bath to help soothe dry skin. Just be careful not to slip in the tub!

Paul Mitchell Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo. This shampoo is ultra gentle on your baby’s tender head, but it also helps fight cradle cap. The same ingredients can help fight dandruff, relieve an itchy scalp, and promote a healthy scalp, which can lead to thicker, fuller hair. It also doubles as a mild clarifying shampoo (just don’t overdo it if your hair is colour treated). And it has a nice, soft scent.

A & D Ointment. This is the good stuff. It’s not just for your little one’s bum, although it does work great for diaper rash. It is terrific for cuts, scrapes, and new tattoos. It also helps heal cracked cuticles and unsightly hangnails.

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. These wipes are so gentle, they are safe for hands and face, too. You could, in a pinch, use them to remove your makeup. Rinse well. They also do a great job of getting spit up out of clothes… and furniture…. and carpet….

Johnson’s Baby Powder. If the roots of your hair are looking greasy, just sprinkle a tiny bit of baby powder right on your roots, and brush it away. The powder will absorb excess oil, which you can then brush right out of your hair. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll look grey before your time.

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Pure Castille Soap. If you like things that are all-natural and organic, then try this soap. It’s very gentle and can be used for a variety of purposes (even cleaning). It makes a great – though not too lathery- body wash.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Aquaphor has long been used to soothe a baby’s drool rash. But mums can use it, too. It makes a great lip balm for chapped lips and it’s very healing for extra dry hands. You can also use it to prevent chafing in delicate areas when you’re out in the cold.

Baby Oatmeal. Your baby probably isn’t going to finish that entire box of baby oatmeal, and I’m sure she’d prefer the banana puree anyway. So take a little of the leftovers and mix it in the palm of your hand with your favourite body wash to gently exfoliate dry skin. Or poor some in the bathtub to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Teething Ring. Got puffy eyes from sleepless nights with your baby? Just borrow his teething ring. Take it straight from the fridge and put it against your puffy under-eye area. It will quickly lessen the signs of puffiness. Just be sure to wash it up before you give it back to baby!

Who knew you would be bonding with your baby over beauty products so early in life? You can save time and money by sharing some of these great products with your little one. Or maybe you’ll want a stash of baby stuff all your own.

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