Sunday Collector Renovation: New Bathrooms


Caroma_BlogPostOneI’m completely thrilled to be sitting down and writing this blog post, because it just means we are one step closer to getting stuck in to the bathrooms in our red brick renovation. I’m also really pleased to be partnering with the classic Australian brand Caroma for the bathrooms and laundry in our first family home. It’s a brand name that is at the front of my mind when it comes to bathrooms, and it’s safe to say almost every Australian has used a Caroma product at some stage in their lives. Caroma have just celebrated 75 years young – check out the sweet promotional video here.

In researching products for the renovation, I’m really impressed with Caroma’s new Cleanflush toilet range, and pleased to say we’ll be installing two in our new home! It’s all about a cleaner clean, which suits my over the top cleaning tendencies just fine. By removing the rim of the bowl, Caroma have ensured there is now nowhere for germs to hide. And by adding the unique flush and flow features, they’ve created a superior flushing performance that leaves you with a more hygienic toilet. Makes you wonder why there was ever a toilet bowl with a rim invented!

I’ve also selected simple tapware from the Titan range, which is a series made from premium quality stainless steel that is easy to clean – scratches and marks can be buffed out. It’s also rust resistant, making it a perfect choice for our home that is close to the coast. I really like the simple lines of this tapware – and the pin style handles move with ease to control the water from cold to hot. The satin finish of the stainless steel will also be a perfect match to the tiles I have in mind (I can’t wait to share those beauties form my favourite tile shop in Sydney), but more on those selections soon! We’ve opted for a shower/bath in the main bathroom, and a robust rail shower with a round hand piece also from the Titan range is going to be perfect for showering the kids, and for me when I don’t want to get my hair wet. There is also a great range of matching accessories such as robe hooks and towel rails that I’ll be using in the on the walls.

The bath I’ve chosen is a simple square design from the Liano range, which also comes in a cute freestanding 1400 length that’s perfect for tiny spaces. I’m also really excited about the wall hung basin I’ve chosen – the Teo range come in a range of sizes, and really creates a minimalist look with a spacious feel. Needless to say, I can’t wait to bring these spaces to life!

Briar x

Sunday Collector Renovation


I’m guilty of a rather impatient wait, but we have finally been given notice that our tenants are moving out of our red brick beauty in two weeks. Our first family home is now in a baby arms reach, and I’m really excited. I met with our builder on site this morning and we chatted about everything from floorboard finish to pendant light positioning.

The first cab off the rank with our refurb will be a new kitchen, so I’m currently googling kitchen removal companies who will do it for free (I have visions of trying to do it with Mark and busting a pipe). The day we have a clean space and the site measure happens where I press go on the manufacture of our gorgeous kitchen cabinets will be an exciting one. I can’t wait show you the kitchen concept, it’s a goodie.

I hope you welcome this –  but I’m going to be taking you all on the renovation journey on here and on Instagram. A plus on the delay of our tenants leaving is that I’ve been given lots of time to research, and because of this, I’m working with some amazing Australian brands. I feel like my blog is a good platform to share my tips and tricks and document a project I can truly call my own. Wish me luck!

Briar x

The Garden Fairy


Sunday was transformed in to a real life garden fairy yesterday in a beautiful ensemble from Pottery Barn Kids. I was keeping the layers and layers of tulle in the cupboard for safe keeping until Halloween at the end of October, but caved in for her request to wear it for an afternoon after her patient but persistent requests to ‘please just can I touch it??’. Talk about every little girl’s dream coming true! As you know, Halloween is getting bigger in Australia every year, and I say we should embrace it! I see it as a fun excuse for the kids to dress up, and I’m glad that Sunny doesn’t want to dress up ‘all scary like a monster’. Check out the range of cute costumes and decorations here.

Briar x

Love Board


I love to support new small businesses, and Love Board recently caught my eye. I’m also partial to a healthy giftwrap and card supply stocked in my cupboard at all times, so was completely sold by the gorgeous range of cards available.

I go through note books fast, and fun ones make my desk space that much prettier. And let’s face it, productive desk time just doesn’t happen before coffee time!

There is also a fun range of canvas tote bags, which I’d take over a plastic bag any day! If only it really would take me to New York…definitely one day!

Briar x

A day with flowers


I spent Saturday surrounded by flowers at The Boathouse Shelly Beach attending the Flower Drum’s Spring floral masterclass. Holly Hipwell had the class of flower lovers hanging on to every word, she was so generous with her tips and skills, and I can honestly say that she had us all confident in making a gorgeous table arrangement and bouquet by the end of the day.

We arrived to a delicious breakfast spread that the Boathouse is famous for, and started the class with learning basic skills for  arranging a bunch of Stock. Sounds simple enough, but I promise you there is an art to it – Holy of course made it look easy!

We moved on to making a table arrangement, mine is pictured above. I must admit, I was pretty proud of this little guy. I basically realised I’d been doing many things wrong all these years when it comes to flower arranging, and Holly really broke it down in to some simple steps.  Not that our bellies really needed anything after breakfast, but shortly after our first two lessons, an amazing lunch arrived.

We then spent the afternoon learning the art of a bouquet. I stepped out of my comfort zone and chose bright hues for this one, which I’m glad I did as I ended up with two very different looks to take home.

This view and some laughs was just what I needed – I’ve been sleeping pretty terribly lately, or I should say Rafferty has been sleeping terribly lately – so a day surrounded by lovely women and a fun Holly was definitely something I needed. I felt rejuvinated and inspired by the end of the workshop  – ready to take the world on, one bouquet at a time!

Make sure to follow Holly on Instagram so you can be kept updated on dates for her next workshop – you won’t be disappointed!

Briar x

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