Blush Love


WestElm1BYou may have noticed the pink trend that has living rooms around the world rocking all tones of blush, salmon and magenta. The Metal Frame Upholstered Chair is back in stock at West Elm and the dusty blush beauty is pictured above sitting pretty next to my healthy (yay!) fiddle leaf fig.

There is definitely a fine line between a cool space and Barbie Dreamhouse when decorating with pink. If in doubt, take one thing away. It really works when pink is used thoughtfully and somewhat sparingly. You can still have fun and be daring with a bold hit of pink, and then pull things back when considering other elements in the room. e.g. Painting the walls pink? Soften the mood with white linen window furnishings. Splurging on a pink sofa? Break the tone up with grey cushions.

On first impressions, I was drawn to the luxe muted pink velvet and the contemporary structure of the frame. However, the most surprising factor was the comfort of the chair – definitely an added bonus to this gorgeous piece of furniture. The obvious colour pairing to this hue would be a shade of grey, which is why I chose the Mongolian Lamb cushion in platinum. I also think dusty olive green works beautifully with pink. You  don’t have to stick to one shade of pink either – have fun mixing pastel, magenta and dark pinks in the one space.

WestElm3WestElm1AAlso pictured in this set up is the Ashik Wool Rug and the Factory Task Lamp from West Elm. I’ll be giving away a $250.00 gift voucher on Instagram this week, so a lucky follower can have their own little splurge – make sure to check it out @sunday_collector.

Briar x

Spinach Cream Soup


Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until soft. Add the garlic and cumin and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds or until aromatic.

Increase heat to high. Add the stock and cream and bring to the boil. Add potato and reduce heat to medium. Simmer, uncovered, for 10 minutes or until potato is tender. Add spinach and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the spinach wilts. Set aside for 10 minutes to cool slightly.

Place half the spinach mixture in the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth. Transfer to a clean saucepan. Repeat with remaining spinach mixture. Place over low heat and cook, stirring, for 4-5 minutes or until heated through. Remove from heat. Taste and season with salt and pepper.

Ladle soup among serving bowls. Top with a dollop of sour cream and season with pepper and croutons (Mark made his own by stir frying cubes of a french stick with garlic and butter). Serve with crusty bread and lashings of butter.

Winter Walk


Briar064Winter may have come on late recently, but it has come on thick and fast. For our walks, puffer vests and scarves are suddenly out of the cupboard in our house, and our strong Bugaboo Buffalo is working beautifully for chilly outings as a family.

BugabooWinterPictured above is a mood board I’ve put together with items inspired by some lovely Winter accessories that have ‘warmed up’ our Bugaboo Buffalo, ensuring Baby Raff isn’t too cold when we head out for our family adventures.

  1. Soft Wool Blanket from Bugaboo, which is in the nicest grey tone and truly soft for baby.
  2. Nikes from Style Runner are on my lust list – the cutest tennis inspired numbers.
  3. Fedora from Lack of Color, my cousin introduced me to this cool hat label, and I’m keen for one this Winter.
  4. Bag from Bugaboo, so handy as a nappy/carry anything bag, latches on to the pram easily too!
  5. Diary from kikki.K, I’m still old school for some reason – I handwrite all my appointments in a paper diary, avoiding the phone.
  6. Bugaboo Buffalo with grey malange tailored fabric set (with extendable sun canopy), which is perfect for keeping sun off the faces of those beautiful babies.
  7. Bugaboo Cup holder, which is vital for a drink bottle while walking.
  8. Scarf from Country Road, which had me at the polka dots.
  9. Reusable Coffee Mug from KeepCup, handy and I love the colour combinations the cups come in.
  10. Knit Gloves from Seed, keeping those hands warm for all that pram pushing.
  11. Seat Liner in Dark Khaki from Bugaboo, super comfortable and a practical protector form baby spills.
  12. Duffel Coat from Trenery, I just love this cosy jacket!
  13. Puff Bag Charm from Shopbop, serving as a cute addition to the nappy bag (Sunday would love this).
  14. Pinky-Nudy Lipgloss from Go-To SkincareBriar112
    I rarely leave the house without the Bugaboo, as it’s also my trusty carry cart – I manage to fit so much in the under carriage it’s not funny! Sunday has taken to the wheelie board like a pro, I’m really impressed by the weight the pram can manage, my babies aren’t what you’d call petite.A shot of the most precious cargo in his chariot – little Rafferty. Nothing says Winter more than a wool blanket and a cardigan knitted by your Nan.  Cosy, cosy, cosy.

    Briar x

    Image 1 + 3 taken by the talented Tealily. This post was written in collaboration with Bugaboo.

Vacuum Superstar


Bosch1I’d describe myself as a naturally messy person who likes nothing more than a clean and ordered home. In other words, I easily make a mess, but I’ll just as easily clean it up. Sunday is a horder and would hold on to everything if she could, and apartment living has got us living pretty minimally (I’m a bandit for filling up a bag for charity while she’s at preschool). Since having kids, I get especially excited about something like a fancy new mop or a new cordless vacuum (think that’s me getting old, too). It’s a first world problem, but I really don’t like lugging our cumbersome floor vacuum out of the cupboard, so the fact that this new slimline one from Bosch Home Appliances that I’ve been trying out can hide away in a corner and is in easy reach at all times ticks lots of boxes for me. I’ll do things daily like zip it around the kitchen bench after Sunday has (messily) had her breakfast, and give her bedroom a once over – always keeping the dust at bay for her problematic asthma.

Bosch3 Bosch4The Athlet Runtime Plus can run for up to 75 minutes on a single charge – longer than any other cordless vac on the Australian market. It’s lightweight and perfect on both our floorboards, tiles and carpet. It also comes with an accessory kit which includes specialised nozzles for upholstery, crevices and car seats. Somebody stop me – I’ll be vacuuming everything soon! Mark also had a whirl of our new toy and was impressed with it’s power on the carpets.

Bosch2I’m not exaggerating when I tell you how much I love this handstick vacuum. It’s like a 1980’s dust buster on steroids. Super convenient but also super efficient. I’m thinking every Dad should get one for Father’s Day ; )

Briar x



I’m about to publish a load of family photos on here because I feel completely compelled to sing the praises of Trish from Tealily Photography. It was so hard to cull the numbers down to my favourites, so there’s a few! Trish visited our home early one morning last week and spent a few hours with the four of us, she photographed our movements in and around our local hood in the golden Autumn light. It sounds cliché, but the memories she captured will be something we will cherish forever, we couldn’t be happier with the story that the photos unfold. Pictured below is just a handful of the photographs – I love how Trish has managed to communicate the innocence of baby Rafferty, the sweet bond between Sunday and Mark, and the unwavering love I have for my little family. I am so in awe of her talent, Trish uses the camera like she could do it with her eyes closed, and with a completely laid back and friendly approach – all while managing to capture the finest details and the sweetest moments.  Ahhhhh…I just have so much love for these photos!

Briar004 Briar010 Briar011  Briar013 Briar015 Briar016 Briar017 Briar025 Briar034 Briar039 Briar042  Briar044 Briar046


Briar058 Briar061 Briar068 Briar080 Briar102 Briar110Briar083 Briar087  Briar114

Briar116 Briar122 Briar128 Briar129I love the final photo is of Mark kissing Sunday goodbye before he heads off to work.

If you’re feeling compelled to do the same with your loved one/s, Tealily Photography has kindly offered 10% off all family sessions for my readers, you’ll just have to book before the end of June.

Briar x

Clothing: Rafferty is wearing Seed Heritage, Sunday is wearing Printbebe.

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