Chatting to Kerryn




I believe stripes are timeless – so I couldn’t resist the black and cream combination on these Radical YES! shoes – and how great is the spot bag they came in! Launched in 2013, the  yellow insole seen on the range of shoes is actually a removable leather foot bed which features an athletic shoe standard padded sole (as featured inside many sneakers) designed for ultimate comfort for people who like to move. As a standard working Mum, who’s always on her feet – these shoes may just be the perfect find for me. As part of my new interview series, I took the chance to interview the lovely business owner + designer, Kerry Moscicki:

1. Tell us a little about your background – what was your first job and what path led you to starting Radical Yes? 
I have been working in fashion for almost 20 years (!), basically my whole career.  I love everything about fashion. I always have since I was very very young. I love clothes.  I love accessories. I love dressing up. I love dressing down. I love thinking about outfits and making up places to wear them. My first job was on the shop floor at Sportsgirl and to this day I still love everything about the retail experience despite the fact I own an online store. Since then I have worked as a Product Developer, a Trend Forecaster , a freelance writer and a Category Manager – all with amazing fashion brands and world class suppliers that has allowed me travel the world and back again.

Radical Yes was an idea born out of a comibination of opportunity with a brilliant supplier and my general disregard for wearing trainers with my yoga gear. For some reason it always offended me, or at least never felt right. I practice yoga alot and I teach as well so finding a solution to this fashion challenge is what helped me dream up Radical Yes! A fashion shoe with an athletic insole board means your arches are still protected (which is great for things like balance poses and general stability) and these are shoes that you can wear on your bike and to a class and out for a coffee afterwards.

2. Can you tell us some resources (website/books etc) that inspire you and/or influences your designs? is a long standing and exceptional visual reference I have used for years in trend forecasting. If I am feeling in need of real inspiration though I will do everything I can to get away from a screen and go somehwere real. In Melbourne this might be Tolarno Galleries or NGV. The North Melbourne Library large format art books section is also a go to for visual reference. Watching people and how they wear their clothes is always a huge influence for me so I really love walking through Melbourne and seeing what the cool kids are wearing.

3. What does a typical day at work for you usually involve?
Juggling. Constantly reviewing priorities and strategising what is geniunely important and what is work for work’s sake. Making space for creativity as much as possible and not  getting too caught up in the detail. Stopping to eat and never eating in front of a screen. Taking a walk.

4. What’s a dream you would like to see come to reality?
Making Radical Yes big enough to employ the brilliant and creative people I have working with me on a part time basis. My Marketing Intern Pocket is the brightest spark. It would make me so happy to give her the full time job she deserves.

Spending 3 months back packing in Europe with my family is also high on the personal wish list. Planned for 2018 when my 1 year old becomes more willing to carry his own backpack.

5. What are you reading?

The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss and Reflections on a Mountain Lake by Ani Tenzin Palmo. Both increadibly liberating in complety different ways.

6. Where would we find you on a typical Sunday morning?
Early morning Yoga followed by Soccer with my boys.

7. Where was the last good meal you ate?
Always at home with my husband. I am blesssed that my husband loves cooking (something I have never been good at). He cooks for me and my boys every night and always the most insanely creative and delicious concoctions. He will often theme it so the boys are interested in trying new things – for insatnce we often have ‘Viking Stew’ which is a combination of white beans and herrings that my 6 year old is unbelivably obsessed with.

8. What are you looking forward to?
2015. It already feels good.

Thanks for your time, Kerryn! Shop the range of shoes here.

Briar x

Home office






I sung the praises of our new and organised pantry recently, and now it’s time to share the little workspace I designed to be incorporated at the end of our kitchen in our renovation. It’s basically a little hole in the wall where I can set up my laptop and home office necessities. It’s a light filled space perfect for keeping on top of emails and blogging. The long cupboard door to the left stores things like my paint and fabric samples – so everything is easily on hand, but also hidden away. Neat and tidy, just the way I like it. As the desk is seen from the main living area of our apartment, my favourite feature of the space is it’s pocket doors so I can easily conceal the (sometimes messy) space when I’m not working.

When it comes to paperwork (business and personal) I’m actually feeling like I’m getting on top of it for the first time in a long time. I’m not sure if this has to do with a shiny new workspace, but I like the feeling! Instead of waiting until to June to sift through a mountain of receipts and invoices – I’m making sure I file these things neatly, and monthly (my accountant will be so pleased). I remember way back when I turned 18 feeling so daunted about doing all those ‘adult things’ my Mum and stepdad had always looked after. How do I organise my own Medicare card? Who do I call to connect my gas and electricity? Of course, these things just work out and you learn along the way, but it’s taken me a few more years to finally get on top of finding ‘the best deal’. I guess I’m guilty of laziness when it comes to this. The older I get and the bill commitments pile up, the more I appreciate a saving here and there. I’ve recently switched my mobile phone plan – which is now somehow cheaper with more data download (I kind of skipped the technical jargon and said yes please!), and we’ve decided to switch to Youi for our home and contents insurance. Their advertising campaign must be doing something right, because that guy with the really thick hair always dressed in black is literally the first ad that comes to mind if someone was to ask me about an insurance company. I was approached by Youi for this review on the bog, and I was seriously surprised by the savings they offered.  Basically, the lesson here is that it certainly pays to shop around.
I hope you are all having a great week, and the old ‘January-itis’ hasn’t hit too hard. I’ve been a little house bound lately with poor little Sunday, who had a tonsillectomy last week for her bad case of sleep apnea. Here’s hoping 2015 will be all about better sleep in this house!
Briar x
PS. How great are the new carpet colours Tretford have just released (seen in image above) – yummy pastels!
This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Youi. I only agree to create sponsored posts with aligned businesses and services that I believe in – and my little blog is one that helps support my family, and unfortunately I can’t pay the mortgage with a free handbag. Thanks for reading! x

Easy Dessert



I’m all about an easy dessert when entertaining. Less time in the kitchen, more time for chatting to your guests. This is hands down the easiest dessert I’ve ever made. It’s one from Jamie Oliver (the man can do no wrong in my opinion), and I pulled it out last weekend at the last minute.  As Jamie says, “it’s like a sorbet, without the work”. Here’s how to put it together in no time:

Frozen grapes, chocolate + grappa
Put your bottle of grappa and grapes (I bought ‘Crimson’ seedless grapes – yum!) in the freezer about 3 hours before you want to use them. Break up good quality dark/almond chocolate in to chunks (another tip: Aldi have some pretty amazing Belgian chocolate, that you just wouldn’t expect to get from Aldi). Pile the chunks of chocolate on a nice wooden or marble board, arrange your frozen grapes beside them and serve with a nice small glass of grappa for your guests to sip on while the grapes and chocolate disappear.


On a side note, I want to make special mention of frozen grapes. I had heard a rumour that they are the business, but I’d never actually tried one. Hello, new healthy snack that tastes like it’s not very healthy. Juicy, sweet and so COLD – the perfect Summer treat. Sunday has been gobbling them up too. The more frozen and crunchy, the better.

I hope you are all having a great week,

Briar x

Lovely Things







I thought it was about time I shared some things I have been loving lately:
1. Telling the time has been so much fun with my new Kate Spade watch that Santa dropped off. It’s seen here with notebooks from the ‘Basics’ range I picked up for a steal in the sales at kikki-k.
2. I’m guilty of switching favourites in the hand soap category, but this is definitely in the lead at the moment. It smells delicious sitting in our new kitchen, and I love the simplicity of the label. Purchase here.
3. Laikonik is a small art and print studio based in Bondi, and I’ve owned a Once A Year Book for Sunday since she was born (which is a lovely gift idea for a new Mum/baby). I was lucky enough to be sent a set of their gorgeous new linen napkins recently – and as you can probably tell from my new watch, I just love a good polka dot. The pure linen is certified by the masters of European linen – which becomes obvious once you feel the beautiful quality.
4. Is it just me, or do you feel the Summer weather has been extra good to us this year? Long days at the beach call for cute hats with good coverage for Sunday. We are loving the classic straw design from Branche Kids (check out the other mini styles too, they are really cute). I also couldn’t go past these teeny peach espadrilles from Suludo  (picked up in a Manly surf shop in the sales).
5. Last but not least, I was so impressed with the gorgeous Le Rose hamper that recently arrived from the girls at One Fine Day. A collection of the sweetest gifts concealed with an oversized ribbon had me swooning at first glance. Another gift idea to file away, my friends!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,


Bargain Shopping






As most of my readers will know, I love a bargain – and I’ve always loved a mega store (I have memories of days spent blowing pocket money at Erina Fair on my school holidays). I’m still more than happy with a trolley and a spare hour in any Spotlight, Officeworks or Bunnings. I guess that’s the reason I loved my props buying job in film so much. I got paid to push that trolley around.

I received an email recently inviting me to check out the new SuperAmart with a bit of a ‘styling challenge’. I was asked to visit the store and choose a few decorative items that would work at home. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit lost when I first arrived at their western Sydney outlet. The place is big, and the furniture is lined up like a bargain supermarket. Not all the furniture items were to my taste either (step away from the navy blue leather lounge, Brisey), but once I started combing the aisles slowly, I found a few little gems that were very affordable:

1. This matt white aluminium outdoor table 
2. A timber bookshelf, which would be great in a kids room
3. A very affordable powder coated steel kids bed in white or black, which is also available in larger sizes
4. Contemporary and practical, I thought this double bunk bed could be cute for a holiday house
5. A pair of these lamps would be great on bedside tables
6. I also think this timber dining table would look great paired with some white bentwood chairs, again, for that beach vibe.

I’m currently working on a beachy apartment for a client who is using it as a mini holiday getaway from the city. The decorating budget is reasonable, but I’m going to have to source furniture from luxe to less to be able to kit out the whole (currently empty) space. My point is that it’s ok to mix a cheaper dining table if you’re going to spend a little more on something like the dining chairs. Decorating with a bargain here and there is a really good thing! I’ll also keep a store like this in mind when I’ve got another brief to get a property for sale. Seriously, some of these pieces would be cheaper to buy than to hire from some property styling outlets!

I didn’t leave SuperAmart with any furniture, but I did leave with some small decorative items to freshen up the living room. Again, no need to break the bank with seasonal pieces that can be replaced like this.

I hope you are all having a great week (some of you are still on holidays, I imagine). I managed an old school boogie board session with my niece and nephew this morning, and I haven’t laughed like I did in a long time. I can totally see why surfers see their waves as a religion, there is nothing quite like it.

Briar x

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