Peter Rabbit Party


PeterRabbit1 PeterRabbit4PeterRabbit2Sunday turned 4 this week and we held a little party with extended family for her yesterday in the garden area in our apartment building. The birthday girl asked for a Peter Rabbit theme (her favourite cartoon), I obliged – but I’ve got to admit it was a pretty loose tie in. My Aunt happened to have a newly acquired giant stuffed Peter Rabbit (she recently won it from her local bookstore), which became the centrepiece on the table. Gorgeous party ware from the Limoncello Yellow range at Paper Eskimo  completed the look with cute paper plates, cups, straws, treat bags and balloons. A simple carrot cake with cream cheese icing and ‘grass’ made from coloured coconut as well as baby cupcakes for her cousins was the treat at the end after all the party food (fairy bread, popcorn, fruit, jelly and delicious sausage rolls made by my sister) were demolished. Adults indulged in Logan Bubbly, lemon slice and a big cheese board. Busy life with a newborn saw me outsourcing  the entertainment and I hired a ‘Dorothy’ character who kept the kids busy with dancing, face painting and balloon making. Worth every cent.

PeterRabbit7PeterRabbit10Sunday and her little cousin Clementine dressed up as Sunday’s favourite character Lilly Bobtail, and big cousin Sage had a modern hat and dress combo.

PeterRabbit5PeterRabbit12PeterRabbit3PeterRabbit6I mentioned on Instagram on Wednesday, my readers can get 20% discount from Paper Eskimo on all purchases at the checkout with the code SUNDAY20 until Wednesday 25th May. Pictured below is the lovely selection from Sunday’s party, but you’ll find a lot more to suit all themes on the website. Happy Party Shopping!

PaperEskimoInstaBriar x

Bedside Lamps


WestElm2I read recently that the average 80 year old would have spent 26 years sleeping in their lifetime. These numbers give us all a very good reason to make our sleep space an area that is beautiful and inviting. I think it’s nice to update bed linen and/or accessories in the bedroom every six months. This could be anything from purchasing a new set of pillowcases to an addition of colour with a decorative cushion. With baby Rafferty on the scene, I’m needing but unfortunately missing lovely sleep lately – so I need our bedroom to evoke a sense of calm more than ever. I’ve had my eyes on the mid-century task table lamps from West Elm for a while now, and I’m so happy with how they look in our bedroom. The lights have added a sense of formality that was missing before, and I love the oversize slim profiles that really work in proportion with our king size upholstered bed. I’m a fan of design from the 50’s and 60’s and the Antique brass-finished metal pull chain and detailing on the lamps is really gorgeous.

To complete my version of a ‘sanctuary’, white and grey bedlinen from Cultiver seems to get better with every wash and I couldn’t resist the peach piping in the Sea Tangle linen cushion from Kate&Kate.

WestElmLightWestElm3It’s no secret flowers bring about positive emotional feelings when you enter a room, which is why I try to have them (and potted plants) dotted around the house almost all of the time. Sunday has even taken to having a vase of blooms in her bedroom lately – although I’m working on her favourite flower choice – the rather gaudy Gerbera. Who am I to judge though, it beats her admiring a Barbie doll!

Briar x

Bathroom Renovation


Big news for my little family! The Stanleys have decided it’s time to move to our first house on the northern beaches. Purchased about 18 months ago, I mentioned it on this blog post. We have been lucky enough to be renting it out to the loveliest family, who will be vacating it in the coming months. These few months are going to give me valuable time to think about the next steps for a mini renovation. It will be “mini” because we really want to live in the space before deciding where we want things, like a new kitchen etc. However, there are a few spaces that will be definitely staying put – and that’s the three bedrooms and the main bathroom. First cab off the rank will be ripping up carpet to expose the original floorboards, followed by a fresh coat of paint, updating the dated ceiling pendants and if budget permits, plantation shutters on all the timber windows.

Before_BathroomLet’s talk about the main bathroom and it’s lilac tiles. As you can imagine, I’m looking forward to replacing them. The bathroom renovation will be the most costly exercise, so it was with good timing when I came across People’s Choice Credit Union. As my family has grown and we’re making big life decisions like everyone else, such as upgrading the car and renovating, a small personal loan might just be the answer. I’ve had a play on their online calculator to calculate how much the loan repayments would be, and how long it will take to pay back the loan – so it’s all transparent.

Once we’ve got a clear idea of the budget and our finances sorted it’s on to the next stage for our bathroom renovation, which is when it really gets exciting. I’ve outlined the stages below, including a few images of bathrooms I am in love with.IMG_1894ONE – Research Stage / Draw Plans

It’s a good idea to get a design down on paper. Not only will this help you see the finished bathroom laid out, it will also make it easier for all your tradies  to quote and save confusion on-site when it comes to actually carrying out the works. You could even have a go on something like Sketch Up where you can draw plans up yourself.

IMG_1876TWO – Pricing and Quotes

Now that you have your plans, it’s time to start talking to people to work out how much it’s all going to cost you. It’s a good idea to break it down into two categories: 1. Fittings and fixtures and 2.Tradies

Choosing your fittings and fixtures can be difficult as there is so much out there! I would start with getting inspiration from Pinterest, to get a clear idea of the look you are going for, and then spend a little time online checking out tile and bathroom suppliers. Make sure you are able to dedicate a day or two to go and visit showrooms in person (with your measurements in -hand), and to make your selections I must admit, this is the stage my clients love me to get involved – and I love nothing more than a shopping spree in a tile showroom!

You then need to know what your tradies are going to charge, and try and go off recommendations from family and friends – there is nothing worse than a dodgy tiler!

IMG_1895THREE – Sort out a Timeline

I think it’s really important to have a timeline of works written out so you know exactly what’s happening on any certain date. In a nutshell, below is the order of how a bathroom renovation should progress –

  1. Protect any flooring to and from the bathroom, as things are going to get messy!

  2. Demolition, removal of all fittings and tiles

  3. Organise for the plumber and electrician visit to make any additions or relocations

  4. Check if the original concrete or timber floor needs repairing

  5. Update/patch up wall linings (brickwork or plastering)

  6. Waterproofing the space (needs two to three days drying time)

  7. Organise waterproofing inspections and certifications

  8. Wall and floor tiling (this is a great stage, as you can see your bathroom really come to life)

  9. Install bathroom cabinetry and shower screens

  10. Install plumbing and electrical fittings

  11. Update doors and windows, if needed (this could be as simple as updating a door handle)

  12. Paint

  13. The final stage should be installing things like mirrors towel rails and hooks – the finishing touches to make your bathroom pop!

 Obviously liaise with all your tradies regarding these stages, or even easier, if the budget allows – have a reliable builder look after all these steps.

FOUR – Construction

Hopefully everything is plain sailing (but let’s be honest, it rarely is). Providing you have reliable tradies, the process should be pretty stress free. I’d imagine you’d need 3-4 weeks for a full bathroom renovation, so it might be a good time to invest in a camping shower (assuming you only have one bathroom in the house).

It’s important to communicate with your tradies that you’d like to be able to contact them a few months post renovation should any defects arise. Make sure all your paperwork, warranties and receipts are kept in one organised folder should any problems come up.

I’ll make sure you to keep you updated on my personal bathroom renovation – now it’s just back to Pinterest for me, for more inspiration!

Briar x

This post was written in collaboration with People’s Choice Credit Union.



Hands down two tops of Sunday’s that really went the distance last year were from Australian brand Oishi-m. I sound like a television commercial, but wash after wash the pieces kept their shape and kept her warm through Winter. The label truly produces the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Oishi-m garments are designed for functionality and comfort, produced to endure hand-me-downs (which is so true, I have been able to pass on last year’s designs to Sunday’s smaller cousin). Sunday is pictured above in the lovely new Dreamers Crew Jumper. She calls it her new ‘exercise top’ for some reason (I’m guessing because of comfort), I just love the colours on her.

Oishi1 Oishi2We were excited to be gifted again with a few pieces from their 2016 range, and Rafferty was lucky enough to score a little outfit himself. Not only will you find a big range of clothing for boys and girls 3 months to 6 years on the website, there is also the cutest range of footwear – from Bergstein Gumboots to Nikes, you really don’t need to shop anywhere else for little shoes.Oishi4Don’t you just love a little pair of baby feet. Rafferty is wearing the Mickey P legging, and it won’t be long until he’ll be fitting the cute Open Ramp Crew top, pictured above.

Briar x

The South Coast Project


IMG_2338We had a lovely week at my parents house on the South Coast recently, and Sunday was in heaven. There is something to be said for the outdoors where kids can get dirty and roam free. My little city slicker didn’t ask for the TV to be turned on once, and we discovered just how deep her obsession with gardening and bugs is. Butterfly catching took up a large percentage of the week (I’m not kidding, I think she has a slightly obsessive personality), as did fishing expeditions with Daddy and flower picking in my Mum’s abundant garden.

P2 P3We worked on a very simple project across the week, documenting Sunday’s travels and finds with photos and drawings – and she was thrilled to be able to take it in to Preschool for Show + Share when she returned to Sydney. I highly recommend this little activity, she was so proud of her little purple folder!

Briar x

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