Budget Friendly Fashion for Busy Mums

Listen up, ladies: baby vomit and applesauce are not acceptable fashion accessories! Take it from a Mum who knows, that when tending small children and managing a household, it can be hard to manage to look clean, let alone stylish. If you toss a career and a social life in there, it can be downright daunting.

Well, fear not! There are steps we can take to look great, feel great, and do it without touching that university fund for Jr.

First, and I can’t emphasize this enough, make sure the clothes that you wear fit you. This is essential from your undergarments to your outerwear. It’s not about the number on the tag, either. If your clothes lay correctly on your body, and flatter your shape, you will earn instant style brownie points! To help get the best fit, visit department stores that offer free fittings. They often have people who are also willing to assist you in selecting outfits at no charge.

Next, don’t discount the Internet. I know, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to order clothing off the web, but once you know your size, and verify return policies, it can be a very productive way to shop for bargains. Be on the lookout for free shipping offers to maximise savings from this techno-thrifty way to shop.

One of the best ways new Mums can look their best is to let style shine from the inside out. Remember, taking care of your hair and skin are at least as important as the clothes you wear. Keep your hair neat and styled, make up to a minimum, and ensure your personality shines through in the clothes you do choose. Expressing yourself through your own personal accents is a great way to tell the world who you are, and what you’re about. Use colour and interesting fabrics to showcase your vibrant, sexy self!

If you are environmentally minded, be on the lookout for exciting finds at the local thrift store. Consider reconstructing an old T-shirt into a smaller fitting tank. Reusing materials you already have is the most budget-and-environmentally friendly thing you can do for your wardrobe. Don’t neglect to repair a torn seam or missing button; you’re saving yourself money and reducing waste when you can fix something instead of buying new.

You can find numerous projects on the web that will help you refurbish and update even your most tired duds. As always, cleaning out and taking stock can help you pull new life out of things you’ve had forever. Donate whatever you think you are done with, and then re-assess your current situation. You get a clearer picture of where your wardrobe is when you remove the things you haven’t worn in a year or more.

Once you’ve taken stock, make a list of the things missing in your collection. Only when you realize what you are lacking on your fashion plate will you know what you need to be shopping for. What good is another cute pair of Capri’s really going to do you if you have five more hanging in your closet at home? Focus on finding that perfect pair of trousers for work, or that coat you’ve been needing. If you are on a budget, you want to fill in the gaps, not merely add to your staples.

To complete your pulled-together look, consider accessories of a decidedly more pleasant variety than those we discussed earlier. Simple jewellery can tie together the most basic outfit, and give it a boost of power. A new scarf, and a set of fun buttons may be all you need to liven up that old suit in your closet, for a fraction of the cost of a whole new ensemble.

Whatever your style, have fun with it! You are unique, and your clothing should reflect that. Shop the bargains, reuse what you can, and always make a statement. After all, if you don’t, your kids just might do it for you!

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