These days most mums are busy with work, school, or the everyday needs of their children. There are many times when cleaning the house has to take a back seat to the general functions of running the house. For this reason, cleaning has to be simple and quick. Today’s market offers many products aimed at making cleaning easier. Here are 10 super products that make cleaning your home a manageable task:

  1. Swiffer mop products: Who has time to drag in a bucket and cleaning products for mopping the floor? Swiffer offers a line of products that makes mopping take all of 5 minutes. There are even store-brand versions of Swiffer that are very economical. For as little as $5, you can buy the store-brand mop attachment and the cleaning sheets for approximately $3. I have never had a problem with residue and the attachment goes into corners very well.
  2. Lysol Disinfectant wipes: These are great products to use for a general wipe down of the bathroom. They are under $7 and leave a clean scent behind.
  3. Baking soda: For less than $1 a box, baking soda can be used to clean many areas in the home. Let the baking soda stand in the toilet for about 15 minutes, then give it a good cleaning with the toilet brush. It is just as effective as fancy “scrubbing” cleaners.
  4. Vinegar: This is another inexpensive cleaner that can both disinfect and cut grime. It can be used for cleaning the toilet, tub, and sink areas.
  5. Fabuloso: This is an inexpensive product that leaves a great scent. It does a very good job of cleaning toilets.
  6. Reusable washcloths. Instead of reusing germy sponges, buy the 10-pack of large-size washing cloths that are meant for washing cars. Use these for wiping down counters and tables. You can wash them and reuse which is more economical than buying sponges. Plus, sponges “spread” germs on surfaces if reused.
  7. Disposable dusters: I personally think disposable dusters are not a good bargain; however, I know many mums who swear by them. I bought a duster from the local Dollar Tree, and it has lasted forever.
  8. Candles: For a cozy and good-smelling home, candles can be bought for less than $2. I prefer burning a candle to spraying the house with an air freshener.
  9. Baby wipes: Baby wipes can be used for almost any cleaning touch-ups. These can be used for wiping out the refrigerator, cleaning counters, and cleaning around faucets.
  10. Mr. Clean Erasers: These are good for cleaning smudges off walls or furniture. If you want to make crayon, pencil smudges, or markers disappear, this is the product for you.

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