Pictured above are some examples of Briar’s decorating and styling work.

Briar believes your home should tell your story. From a full renovation from the ground up, to rethinking a single room to designing a unique look throughout your space, she can guide you through everything from choosing a dining table, tile selection to the colours of your cushions.

Below in an outline of  packages for you to  consider:

1. Work with what you’ve got
For $480.00, Briar offers two hour in-house consultations* where you can talk about everything from wall colours to sofa positioning. If it’s something like a bookshelf you need styled, that can be resolved too. Briar can primarily ‘work with what you’ve got’ – but also recommend any additions that will improve the space. Following on from the meeting, you will receive an emailed summary of the advice, including online links to any items that are recommended. One week of email conversations can follow this email, all included in the one-off fee. 
* Available to clients living in a 20km radius of Sydney city. Outside of this radius? See Consultation III for an online alternative.

2. Room Designs
If you want to start from scratch. Briar offers a bespoke decorating service, charged at an hourly rate. Prices start at $650.00 per room, which requires a formal quote after  your initial discussion. It’s all about working with you to create the perfect interior decoration solution for your lifestyle and budget. The process involved is broken down in to four stages:
1. Consultation: Assess the room(s) + interview the home/business owner
2. Plan: Provide furniture and decor suggestions via a PDF presentation/guide
3. Process: Client shops from the guide, and Briar can help order larger furniture items through trade access only accounts
4. Completion: Style room(s), once all pieces have arrived

3. Home Renovation / Project Management
Do you have plans in place to renovate but don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting finishes and fixtures?  Or do you have a dream of what you want your home to look like? Briar can take you from what ever point you may be at in your renovating  journey and help you see it to the end.

4. E-decorating
The interior decorating service is also available as an online consultation. This decorating service is available to anyone across Australia. Briar is able to source a range of furniture and decor to suit your budget with web links included, to help make your dream space come to life. This virtual decorating package is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Briar also offers a shopping/sourcing service if you are Sydney based, contact Briar if you would like to chat further about anything mentioned above.

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