In all the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve never published an interview on here. I’ve decided that 2015 will be the year that you’ll find a few popping up. My aim is to share some words and pictures from creatives that inspire me, and in turn, inspire you. Party decoration master Heidi Moore-Gill from The Bespokery has been blowing me away with her creations for the past few years (just check out her website for the amazing wedding + corporate events she designs and decorates). It was certainly happy mail that arrived towards the end of last year with a beautiful hand-bound book especially made by Heidi for Sunday. As well as asking Heidi to explain how the mysterious but lovely notebook came about, I asked her a few extra questions, which she very kindly answered (and I am now positively desperate to visit the shop in San Francisco she mentions) :

Tell me about where you were/what you were doing when you made the gorgeous book for Sunday?  
I spent 4 inspiring days with Wendy Addison and a group of like minded creatives in a really special place called Porta Costa in California. We stayed in an old bordello, in the gold mining town about 40 minutes north of San Francisco.  At that time of the year, the hills are covered in golden grasses, the famous fog is gone and the sun shines the most. We met daily in the courtyard between old buildings, garlanded with marquee lights at night, and learnt to letterpress, to work with wax and flowers,  to make crowns,  to make paper theatre  &  bind books*. Molly and Kaari Meng set up an outdoor shibori dying area in the woods up on the hill, which remained alive all weekend so we could come and go and dip and dye all day and night. Marcia from Tinsel Trading in New York brought trunks of antique bullion, trims, paper, tickets, flowers, and ephemera for us to use and purchase in our work. Lisa Salazar lovingly made us the most amazing lunches and dinners,  using the local Californian produce, and we ate in Wendy’s beautiful rambling garden, drank exquisite local prosecco in her kitchen and watched her puppet theatres in awe. I met a brilliant and beautiful group of friends at the retreat, and we laughed and crafted and helped each other over the days…Aided by beautiful wines from Sonoma that we drank from paper cups in the courtyard.

(*I discovered some 50’s wrapping paper that reminded me of Briar, and that began Sunny’s book.. While I was looking  through Wendy’s antique papers I found sheet music, old cover pages and notes.  “Sunday” themed papers and pieces kept presenting themselves to me while I rummaged and to be honest, I thought that very few people would ‘get’ the beauty and thought but Briar would and I do adore their little Sunny from afar.)

What’s been a career highlight so far?
I really enjoyed doing the POP to Popism launch, at the AGNSW – it was amazing! It also felt very special being photographed for Australian Vogue and I loved being profiled on The Grace Tales. Julie Adams is a wonderful portrait photographer.  

What’s your favourite restaurant?  
There is a tiny little place perched on the edge of a limestone edge in a hill town in the Luberon, France.

What’s your favourite shop?     
Bell’Occhio in San Francisco, my friend Maybelle took me there when I was in California. The most exquisite ideas and execution, every single detail is beautifully finished and wrapped and made, down to the owners finest handwritten shop dockets.

What are you reading?  
Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please! and Monocle’s Guide to Good Business.

What are you looking forward to? 
Riding my bike for hours and getting fit again!

Photos from her time in Posta Corta below are by Rachel Stanich:





Thanks for your time Heidi, you are the definition of a natural talent.

Briar x

Two Thousand and Fifteen









Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all managed to have a chance to stop over the Christmas break. For the first time in quite a few years, we stayed in Sydney for our holiday. I’m happy to say I’ve still managed to embrace that rested holiday vibe (my salt water frizzed hair is testament to that). We turned off the emails, and hit the beach most days. I’ve been seeing the quote Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. pop up on Pinterest lately – and it’s pretty much what we got up to the entire time. Sunday has been spending so much time in the water, she’s even managed to ditch the bubble (proud Mum moment). Above are my iPhone photos that I’ve shared on Instagram over the break. Quality time with family, quality food in my belly and quality sunshine on my skin. I want to do it all again!

I don’t usually make new year resolutions (as I know I’d be terrible at keeping them), but for a change – I had a think about things that I’d like to keep the same for 2015:

1. Keep on drinking more water
2. Keep asking questions (even though your friends nickname you the interrogator)
3. Keep your hair short, you never wear it out when it gets longer
4. Keep things slow for Sunday in the morning, she likes to wake up/get ready at her own pace
5. Keep believing in your little business

I’d love to hear anything you’d like to ‘keep the same’ for 2015?

Tomorrow, I have my first meeting for the year – a house decorating project I am very excited about. I’m diving in to work head first, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated to get this whole 2015 thing moving!

I’ll be back here soon,

Briar x

PS. Thank you for all entering the Sleepmaker competition in December. Monique – you are the lucky winner. I just replied to your comment, but hopefully you are reading this too. Please email me your postal address so the bedding pack can be sent out.

Gui Jorge Photography


I have been helping a Manly seaside hotel freshen up their hallways and lift foyers recently. While the walls and trims were receiving a fresh coat of white paint and the carpet was being replaced with a commercial grade and neutral grey, I commissioned the lovely photographer Gui Jorge to spend a day in Manly to take photos. I’m all too aware of ‘hotel art gone wrong’, so now the hotel has a unique library of high-res images to hang on their walls.  I picked up the first run of prints, 18 to start with – over sized and glossy (over a metre in width) and delivered them straight to the framers. I plan for these images to really stand out from the gallery style walls, and be a talking point for passing guests. I’ve chosen a contemporary frame style – a simple white timber moulding – with no mount board, and the photographs will be set back from the glass. I’ll try and share some photos of the finished corridors (including some beautiful furniture from Fred International) when it’s complete, it’s been a fun job.

Briar x

Bali Guide


I’ve had a few emails asking for some recommendations on where to stay + dine in Bali, so I thought I’d share a ‘favourites’ list – which has been updated since our first visit. To be honest, the options are totally endless – so these are my top tips, but by no means the be and end all. The Luxe Guide to Bali is fabulous, as is the ‘Little Luxe’ version (with tips for travelling with kids). Little Bali Love is also a super handy go-to website if you are travelling with kids. 
We stayed (for a second time) at the lovely Uma Sapna in Seminyak. Very spacious villas with private pools, comfortable interiors and gorgeous bathrooms (choose from one or two bedroom options). We also had three nights of luxury at Alila in Ubud. It’s pretty fancy pants, and probably enjoyed the most without a spirited toddler in tow. I hear their posh sister hotel Alila Uluwatu is beyond amazing – bookmark that one for the (second?) honeymoon.
Eat + Play:
Travelling with Sunny, we based the majority of our holiday around one place – Seminyak…
We loved our lunch so much here, we came back for dinner. Enjoy a really delicious modern seafood meal while looking out at a very peaceful rice paddy. Check out more photos on their website, it really is beautiful.
Just go! The very cool fit out, the Milionario Margarita and the corn served in a cup will stay with you as a favourite holiday memory. 
If you like a spicy curry, and a betel leaf laden with salmon and prawns, then this sultry but fancy restaurant is for you. 
Another favourite, an Asian fusion restaurant with a delicious lunch menu featuring ‘Asian Bites’ with beautiful dumplings and pot stickers…with a very cool interior fit out.
A supersize hotel that we visited twice, purely for the amazing pool. Sunday and her toddler friend Kit loved it, and the adults enjoyed a couple of great breakfasts. 
A newly opened cafe with a very cool floor and great chairs –  serving good coffee and delicious juices.
An oldie but a goodie, a hip and happening giant of a bar that looks out at the beach – serving one of my favourite cocktails ever – the Kookaburra. 
A bar/restaurant that is a short drive out of Seminyak, with the much-instagrammed mural by Lucas Grogan. Old Man’s serves good pub-style food with very cold beer…all while looking out at a gorgeous surf beach, Batu Bolong. 
Photos: 1. The candlelit entrance at Motel Mexicola 2. The Lucas Grogan mural at Old Man’s 3. Drinks at Potato Head Beach Club 4. The cool interior of Sisterfields 5. Kit and her mum Rachel loving the pool at Alila, Ubud.
Ah! Take me back x

Bali Guide


Hello everyone! 

It’s been a while between posts. We have recently returned from a truly fabulous holiday in Bali. If you follow on me on Instagram (sunday_collector), you would have seen the steady stream of squares that captured some of the food we ate, the pools we swam in, and the very cute friendship between Sunday and her little travelling companion, Kit. I have a few more photos that I plan to share (taken on my proper camera), but I thought I would kick off the week with a few photos of the eclectic loot I returned home with. I spent one afternoon exploring a ‘locals’ market in Denpasar, and came across a store that I can only describe as a ‘Balinese Officeworks/Bunnings from the 1970’s’. I can’t even tell you the name (as it had no signage), but the local I was shopping with informed me it was a general store that had been there for over 45 years where the locals buy in bulk. I feel like I only hit the sides, but was happy with my bag full of quirky things like notepads, twine, scissors and envelopes  – all for the grand sum of AUS $22.00. The shopkeepers thought I was mad, I’m sure. 

I was all geared up to pick some pretty dresses in Seminyak one morning, but I’m not going to lie, the (ladies) fashion in Bali is pretty disappointing (bar some great leather goods, mainly bags etc). Although, wow – did little Sunday manage to clean up! We had a spree at  my favourite label for girls (which is based in Seminyak) Coco & Ginger. I love that Sunday is reaching an age where she’s appreciating her little outfits, pointing out the ‘fwowers and leeeafs’ in the fabrics, and having an opinion with her shoe selection every morning (heaven help me with a teenage Sunday)!

I’ll be back later in the week with some tips on where to stay and where to eat – the options are truly endless…

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