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As someone who grew up on the other side of town, I never would have believed someone if they’d told me that I would eventually become a ‘Northern Beaches girl’, but here I am – 10 years in and no desire to be living anywhere else. As cliché as it sounds, I’m addicted to the casual vibe, the good restaurants and the ‘beach at your doorstep’ lifestyle –  whilst all being an easy and short ferry ride from the city. The kids have it pretty sweet too, it’s a really magical place to be growing up.

I’ve got to be honest, the one thing that was lacking in the area for me was a high end shopping centre. Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Westfield Warringah Mall has had a major renovation, with over 70 new (fancy) stores. A definite stand out for me is the new Myer. The department store has a beautiful and spacious new fit out and is bursting at the seams with the usual – the cool fashion, homewares, and beauty departments really caught my eye. It truly has become a one stop shop for Christmas shopping, and I couldn’t wait to visit a second time after Myer invited me to have a peruse for some family gift ideas.

I headed straight to the Baby department as I knew Rafferty’s Santa Sack was a little light on gifts compared to Sunday’s. I picked up a cute selection of age appropriate toys, including the very popular ‘Dear Zoo’ building block set. Raff woke up from his morning nap while I was setting these shots up, so I couldn’t resist giving him an early play with the presents. I also dressed him in his new outfit – the adorable lobster get-up, which I found in the very cute Seed Baby department.

Next on my list was adding some items to Sunday’s Christmas haul. I have to be honest, she is an easy kid to shop for. Like all four year olds, she has soooo many interests – including art and craft, reading, swimming and a love for new clothes. As you can imagine, the range at Myer Warringah Mall had everything covered. I can’t wait for her to open the ‘paint your own garden gnome’, the perfect activity for when we move to our new house and garden. She’s going to love her pretty Summer gear too, which consists of a new dress and skirt/top combo, (the girl is happiest if she’s in a skirt). I’m also hoping the sticker book will keep her entertained in the car on Christmas Day, as we are heading to Bowral for lunch.

Not as easy to buy for is Mark. We have been throwing any spare money we have at the house/renovation this year, so his wardrobe situation is a little dire at the moment. I picked him up a cool pair of new board shorts from the Industrie department, and a smart Reserve shirt for his Christmas Day outfit. I added a luxe little stocking filler with a bottle of his favourite, Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette. Speaking of stocking fillers, there are some great ‘gift idea’ departments that cover everything from the man to the baby in your life, definitely worth checking out!

When I’m shopping these days, this Mumma often comes in last on the list of the priorities, but not this time. I was totally drawn in by the fantastic fashion, homewares and accessory departments. You’ll be happy to know, Myer definitely  has gifts for the modern mother sorted! I bought a new Christmas Day dress from Seed, and a set of Aura hand towels and Murchison Hume products for the new house. I also really went all out and treated myself to a pair of fab Karen Walker sunnies. Hello Summer!

Last but not least, I treated the family to a giant new lie-on float from the fab and fun Sunnylife department. The perfect Summer accessory in our pool for when we move. I’m also picturing lots of lazing under an umbrella once the madness of Christmas is over – one can only hope!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this story I posted:

My shopping spree at Myer Warringah Mall can only be described as a SUCCESS, everywhere I turned I spotted gift ideas. I even managed to stop for a coffee at the cool cafe situated near the homewares department. Shopping and Coffee. Alone. In peace and quiet. Ah! It’s the little things in life.

Briar x

The Garden Fairy


Sunday was transformed in to a real life garden fairy yesterday in a beautiful ensemble from Pottery Barn Kids. I was keeping the layers and layers of tulle in the cupboard for safe keeping until Halloween at the end of October, but caved in for her request to wear it for an afternoon after her patient but persistent requests to ‘please just can I touch it??’. Talk about every little girl’s dream coming true! As you know, Halloween is getting bigger in Australia every year, and I say we should embrace it! I see it as a fun excuse for the kids to dress up, and I’m glad that Sunny doesn’t want to dress up ‘all scary like a monster’. Check out the range of cute costumes and decorations here.

Briar x

Winter Walk


Briar064Winter may have come on late recently, but it has come on thick and fast. For our walks, puffer vests and scarves are suddenly out of the cupboard in our house, and our strong Bugaboo Buffalo is working beautifully for chilly outings as a family.

BugabooWinterPictured above is a mood board I’ve put together with items inspired by some lovely Winter accessories that have ‘warmed up’ our Bugaboo Buffalo, ensuring Baby Raff isn’t too cold when we head out for our family adventures.

  1. Soft Wool Blanket from Bugaboo, which is in the nicest grey tone and truly soft for baby.
  2. Nikes from Style Runner are on my lust list – the cutest tennis inspired numbers.
  3. Fedora from Lack of Color, my cousin introduced me to this cool hat label, and I’m keen for one this Winter.
  4. Bag from Bugaboo, so handy as a nappy/carry anything bag, latches on to the pram easily too!
  5. Diary from kikki.K, I’m still old school for some reason – I handwrite all my appointments in a paper diary, avoiding the phone.
  6. Bugaboo Buffalo with grey malange tailored fabric set (with extendable sun canopy), which is perfect for keeping sun off the faces of those beautiful babies.
  7. Bugaboo Cup holder, which is vital for a drink bottle while walking.
  8. Scarf from Country Road, which had me at the polka dots.
  9. Reusable Coffee Mug from KeepCup, handy and I love the colour combinations the cups come in.
  10. Knit Gloves from Seed, keeping those hands warm for all that pram pushing.
  11. Seat Liner in Dark Khaki from Bugaboo, super comfortable and a practical protector form baby spills.
  12. Duffel Coat from Trenery, I just love this cosy jacket!
  13. Puff Bag Charm from Shopbop, serving as a cute addition to the nappy bag (Sunday would love this).
  14. Pinky-Nudy Lipgloss from Go-To SkincareBriar112
    I rarely leave the house without the Bugaboo, as it’s also my trusty carry cart – I manage to fit so much in the under carriage it’s not funny! Sunday has taken to the wheelie board like a pro, I’m really impressed by the weight the pram can manage, my babies aren’t what you’d call petite.A shot of the most precious cargo in his chariot – little Rafferty. Nothing says Winter more than a wool blanket and a cardigan knitted by your Nan.  Cosy, cosy, cosy.

    Briar x

    Image 1 + 3 taken by the talented Tealily. This post was written in collaboration with Bugaboo.



Hands down two tops of Sunday’s that really went the distance last year were from Australian brand Oishi-m. I sound like a television commercial, but wash after wash the pieces kept their shape and kept her warm through Winter. The label truly produces the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Oishi-m garments are designed for functionality and comfort, produced to endure hand-me-downs (which is so true, I have been able to pass on last year’s designs to Sunday’s smaller cousin). Sunday is pictured above in the lovely new Dreamers Crew Jumper. She calls it her new ‘exercise top’ for some reason (I’m guessing because of comfort), I just love the colours on her.

Oishi1 Oishi2We were excited to be gifted again with a few pieces from their 2016 range, and Rafferty was lucky enough to score a little outfit himself. Not only will you find a big range of clothing for boys and girls 3 months to 6 years on the website, there is also the cutest range of footwear – from Bergstein Gumboots to Nikes, you really don’t need to shop anywhere else for little shoes.Oishi4Don’t you just love a little pair of baby feet. Rafferty is wearing the Mickey P legging, and it won’t be long until he’ll be fitting the cute Open Ramp Crew top, pictured above.

Briar x



I’ve been a fan of the Bugaboo brand since Sunday was a baby. I’ve mentioned before how much we struggled with her sleeping, it was so difficult in the early days I couldn’t get her to sleep a wink in her bassinette during the day. Our Bugaboo was literally my savior – I would head out in the morning and she would sleep soundly while I pounded the pavement and pushed (which was great for my fitness too). A few years later and with baby number 2 on the way, our strong and mighty Bugaboo Buffalo was still working for us perfectly for our taller than average girl. Some would say Sunday was getting too old for a pram, but I honestly still found it so handy for our longer walks and supermarket visits (I can load so much shopping in to the bottom carriage).

With Sunday’s baby brother on the way, it became obvious it was time for her to move on from the seat, and the wheelie board attachment was the perfect answer to getting our preschooler and newborn comfortably out and about.

BugabooSummerPictured above is a little mood board I’ve put together with items inspired by the latest and greatest accessories that have ‘pimped out’ our Buffalo, ensuring we head out for our family adventures in style.

  1. Karen Walker sunglasses from Sunglass Hut
  2. Bugaboo Light Cotton Blanket
  3. Sophie the Giraffe from Seed
  4. Parasol from Bugaboo
  5. Baby boy ‘Hi’ Tee from Seed
  6. Bugaboo Buffalo with grey malange tailored fabric set (with extendable sun canopy)
  7. Bugaboo Cup holder
  8. Stripe Linen T-shirt from Country Road
  9. Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board
  10. Banana Salted Caramel smoothie from Pressed Juices
  11. Filipa Leather Sneaker from Country Road
  12. Girls Indigo Slub Dress from Seed
  13. Whatnot Organic Suncream

Bugaboo1Bugaboo5Here we are, on our first official outing. Sunday has completely embraced the wheeled board concept (thankfully) and has been more than happy to give up her seat for her baby brother’s bassinette attachement. The high quality of Bugaboo products is so obvious in real life. Sturdy and solid, without that cheap plastic feel you get with so many other prams on the market.

Bugaboo4I love our new grey melange tailored fabric set, which is a perfect colour for my boy – but also looks contemporary and stylish at the same time. The extendable sun canopy is also fantastic for keeping sun out of Rafferty’s eyes.

Bugaboo3Pictured above is ittle Rafferty sound asleep and loving life. He’s kicking back on the luxe grey melange 100% extra fine Merino wool mattress cover and the soft and light cotton blanket, which is perfect for the warmer days.

Bugaboo8On those really sunny days the Bugaboo parasol adds an element of fancy ‘chariot’ to the Buffalo, keeping the rays of the sun off your baby in style. Got to love being sun smart!

Bugaboo2Our first visit to the beach as a family of four was made that whole lot easier with the Buffalo wheels – the stroller glides effortlessly across sand. As you can see, the generous size of the under carriage basket makes it so easy to cart things like beach towels and toys to the beach.

Bugaboo7One happy big sister. We really do love our Bugaboo!

Briar x

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