Sunny’s Dessert


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI know every parenting book says not to reward a fussy eater/toddler with dessert, but it’s kind of the  only thing that works for us. I’m lucky in that Sunday loves a lot of fruit, so a small bowl of strawberries is happily seen as dessert. Mumma stepped it up a notch this week though with ‘ice creams’ made from greek yogurt and berries. It was a fun little cooking activity for Sunday and I, where we layed out cupcake papers on a tray and spooned in the yoghurt, topping them with blueberries and raspberries. We popped the tray in to the freezer for a few hours and by the time dinner was over, she had her very own ice cream* treat.

I hope you are having a great week!

Briar x
*Sunday is only three, so still totally convinced that anything white, frozen and cold is truly ice cream .

Princess Party


PrincessPartyI’ve been busy, good busy though! The past couple of weeks have been a blur of carpet, tile and fabric samples for a few jobs I have on the go – so there’s been a bit of light relief and last minute preparation for my little peach who will be turning three this weekend. I asked Sunday what sort of party she’d like for her birthday, and her response was “A party like you and Daddy had when Mumma were a Princess”. She was referring to our wedding, and the photo album she had recently looked at. Too easy – the theme was locked in, I’d pull together a Princess and Knights party. However, being nearly three –  she threw a curve ball a week later when she told me she was having an ‘Octonauts’ party, followed closely by a ‘Peter Rabbit’ party. Hmmmm….too late, Princess – the gold balloons have already been ordered.

I enlisted my clever cousins from Lion and the Huntsman to design a very sweet invite (the brief was to avoid too much pink). I then purchased a few extra trimmings from a favourite party supply place of mine – The Lark Store. Mark will be picking up helium balloons in white and gold in the morning from our local Big W, which has just opened the best and biggest party supply section. The birthday girl will be in Tutu Du Monde – she just doesn’t know it yet, because if she spotted the feathery dress before the big day she wouldn’t want to wear anything else. We’ve hired a local Scout Hall (with heaps of character), there will be old school fairy bread and shhhh!…don’t tell Sunday, but Princess Lulu and Prince Charming will be coming to the party too. I’m actually a little bit excited myself – I just know she’s going to love it.

I’ll make sure I share some photos from the day.

Briar x

Life Captured Inc.


2014_05_30_Tealily_HighRes_09-50-55I have a love for photography, but haven’t touched on the skills side of things since my first year of studying design at Enmore Design Centre (back in 2000), which sounds like a few years ago – but do the maths and it was actually fifteen! Since having Sunday, documenting life has never felt more important. She’s growing at a rapid rate and I want her to have a great collection of memories to look back on – and for me to have some photos to most likely shed a tear over when I’m old and grey, and she’s galavanting around in life without her mumma by her side.

Apart from REALLY looking forward to a day just for me and a yummy lunch, the reasons above are why on Saturday 30th May, I’m packing up my Canon camera and laptop and heading to beautiful Avalon to attend the signature workshop held by Life Captured Inc – which is ‘the modern school of memory keeping’. It’s run by amazing blogger and graphic designer Ronnie and the equally talented photographer Trish. I’ve long been an admirer of Trish’s work, and recently had the pleasure of meeting her on a shoot for Fete Press. It was on the shoot that Trish told me about their workshops, which is also available as an online course, if you can’t make the day workshop at the end of this month. I’ll make sure I check back in and let you know how I go (hopefully I’ll have a collection of my own photos to show off from the day). I can’t wait! Briar x


Clementine’s First Birthday Party


MP11If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I shared a few snaps of my beautiful niece’s birthday party that I styled recently. Georgie Abay asked me soon after if I could share some photos of the day on her beautiful blog, The Grace Tales. Georgie also interviewed me, so I thought I would publish a few of my answers here:

What was the theme for this party?
“Clementine lives in Apple Tree Flat, (in country NSW, Mudgee) on a beautiful farm – her parents are Peter and Hannah Logan (my sister), of Logan Wines. Hannah and I thought it would be sweet to bring some country elements to her first birthday party in our older sister’s lovely backyard for all of Clementine’s Sydney based family. We had Kindifarm baby animals, a bit of classic country check (picnic rugs and table cloths) and a touch of the over riding red apple theme, which started with a sweet emailed invitation designed by our cousins, who own the letterpress invitation business, Lion & The Huntsman. Good food was also a focus of the day, we organised lunch with Simmone Logue Catering, and then had some fun with the treats table. The day was a family effort.

What do you love about styling children’s parties? 
The fun part for me is coming up with the theme and sourcing/crafting all of the cute elements. The reward at the end is to see a backyard full of kids having a great time. Nothing beats seeing the joy on their (sugar loaded) faces.

What are the key elements to a successful children’s party?
Hope for good weather on the day, as kids obviously love to be outside, but choose a venue where there is a wet weather option. If you don’t have a big enough space at home, I’ve organised a few parties at community scout halls, which work really well. Instead of giving kids free reign at the treats table, individual lunch boxes are always popular. Pack them with some healthy elements, as well as a treat or two. When in doubt, bubbles and balloons are always a hit with the under 2’s, and consider things like face painting and themed entertainment for the older kids. I’ve heard some great things about the Sydney based entertainment company, Stardust Kids. Oh, and of course the other kind of bubbles for the big kids. Lastly, when coming up with the theme, get feedback from the child. I had a vision for a cute Mexican theme party for my daughter’s third birthday this year, but she is insisting on a ‘pink princess’ gathering. I’m going to have to put my stylist thinking cap on for that one!”

MP7MP21MP3MP5MP2MP20MP15Georgie also shared my ‘little black book’:
Petting zoo: Kindifarm
Clementine’s dress: Tinker & Belle
Clementine’s shoes: Seed
Clementine’s hair bow: Branche Kids
Wine: Bibendum Wine Co Clementine Rose
Honeycomb balls: Factory Direct Party
Cardboard lunchboxes for the children: Vintage Baby
Apple cupcakes and apple ‘smash cake’: The Classic Cupcake Co.
Green glass plate stand: buy similar here
Apple cookies as take home favours: Hello Naomi
Tassel yellow balloons: The Bespokery
Gourmet doughnuts: Woah Nelly Bakes
Felt crowns: Lark Store
Paper cups, paper napkins and straws: The Base Warehouse
Bamboo plate ware and timber cutlery: Manly Freezers
Invitation: Lion and the Huntsman
Gingham yellow tablecloth: Shop Inside
Gingham picnic rugs: Amazon

I hope you all had a great week,

Briar x

Easter Treats


Getting in to the spirit of Easter, I wanted to share an easy and inexpensive treat idea for Easter that is an easy recipe to make with young ones, and a tasty indulgence for both kids and adults to enjoy over the break.

Easter Chocolate Bark

Step One

Line a tray with baking paper and pour melted chocolate of your choice, spreading it around until the slab is about 1cm thick. I chose a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate. Don’t worry about getting chocolate all the way to the edges of the tray, a bit of mess is ok:

Easter3Step Two

Here’s the fun part! Decorate the melted chocolate with your choice of ‘topping’. I chose crunchy m&m’s (that look like easter eggs), sliced up bounty bar and sprinkles. I then topped it off with splashes of melted white chocolate. Place the chocolate slab/tray in the fridge for over 4 hours, until the chocolate concoction is set, rock hard:

Step Three
Break up the chocolate in to ‘bark’ pieces with a knife. You should be able to pierce the slab with the tip of the knife, allowing the cracking to happen naturally, giving you a much nicer finish than actual slicing:

Step Four
I packaged the chocolate bark in to striped paper bags I purchased from a $2 shop. I made the bunny ear shape by simply cutting the shape with scissors and securing the top of each scrunched bag with some bakers twine. Seriously, too easy:


Enjoy – and make sure you let me know if you make this at home, would love to see how your version turns out!

Briar x


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