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We’ve had a quiet start to 2019, work is always a little slow for me during the month of January, and with no holidays planned – we’ve been hanging at home, heading to the beach and using the pool on repeat (with a blip in the middle with a trip to emergency for our very brave Sunny who had a bad fall at a restaurant which resulted in plastic surgery to her forehead).  Argh! Things can only get better for 2019, here’s hoping, anyway.

The weather we have been experiencing in Sydney has been amazing – pretty much too hot some days to stay outside for too long, so I’ve been heading indoors to get more organised at home. There is something so therapeutic about ‘culling your crap’ (yes, I’m one of those annoying people who love a big tidy). An organised home and workspace to me has always meant a clearer headspace, and the past week has been amazing for that. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some beautiful new pieces from Pottery Barn, and the photos below are a summary of what I’ve been up to – feeling more than ready and organised to smash the year of 2019!

Good quality storage baskets that you are happy to have out of the cupboard and on display when needed are really lovely to have around the home. Buying quality storage is going to guarantee you have them for years, and I was drawn to the chunky weave in the Aubrey Woven Basket, (lid not pictured) which reminded me of the clothes basket I grew up with throughout the 80’s (and yes, that lasted for years, too). I’m using one for all my cleaning products that I can lift out of the cupboard and take with me from room to room. I really like having a little organised caddy that stocks only the essential items I need – all in one durable carry basket. Also pictured above is the white marble ice bucket (used with no lid as a planter for the happy little Monstera).

I’m such a fan of the baskets I’ve incorporated one in to my tiny but mighty laundry. I don’t like having ugly washing  products on display, so one of these is the perfect solution. Also pictured is a Cotton Tencel Organic Hand Towel in grey mist.

Speaking of tiny spaces, our bathroom has been given a lift with the gorgeous nickel and glass etagere. I was desperate for extra storage in here, and  I’m finding it really handy to only have the essentials I use every day at arms reach so close to the sink  (while it all still looks pretty). The shiny nickel finish matches our towel rails and tapware perfectly too. Also pictured above are the handy glass canisters (it’s great getting rid of the ugly packaging of my much needed magnesium salts for soaks in the bath). I’ve also stored our toothbrushes in the small canister, and pictured on the shelf below is the lovely hand soap and moisturiser, also from Pottery Barn (I’m such a sucker for nice packaging)! On the floor are the comfiest little slippers I’ve ever owned – the Teddy Bear Faux Fur slippers.

An organised workspace is so important, and working from home means I get ‘little hands’ (ie. Sunny) rifling at my desk quite a bit. I figure if I keep it neat and free of clutter, it’s going to be easier to find things. The Brokers Wood and Galvanized Home Office Collection is the perfect desk companion to keep everything in order. It’s also great to have all my USB’s in one little drawer, and I’ve been keeping al my envelopes together too – I don’t know about you, but I can never find an envelope when I need one!

Definitely a feel good achievement – I’ve filed work paperwork in to three categories and it’s all sitting in this compact paper cabinet that fits on my desk. It felt so good sending that huge pile of papers to the recycling bin – there really was a build up over the course of 2018. Definitely head clearing stuff! Also pictured is the cute Pocket watch clock.

It’s safe to say most homes develop a bit of a dumping ground at the front door. Bag, hats, shoes, umbrellas etc tend to end up here – so it’s been so great to have that area all neatly organised in my home with the quality Cast-Iron row of hooks in Antique Bronze. With two rows of hooks, this hardworking piece does double duty. The hooks would also be handy in a bathroom or on a back porch for towels and other gear. Also pictured is the  oversized Beachcomber Rectangular Handled Basket. Handwoven from sustainable natural fibres, it’s a sturdy basket that now houses all our hats and bags.

Hope you like what I’ve done with the place! Wishing you a healthy, happy and organised 2019!

Briar x


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