Garden Update


Summer has been kind to our garden. We’ve really been putting in the effort with watering, fertilising and weeding, and we are so happy with how it’s progressing. I feel like one more year of this growth and we are really going to see it’s full potential. I love the depth of planting my Aunt designed for us, and I’m also really happy that our three fiddle leaf figs climatized to living in such a sunny position. Raff sure does like a little run around the lawn, too.

The front yard has been a little bit more trial and error. It started off with us clearing the very old and unruly garden. A timber garden bed surround was then installed  and painted in the same colour as the house . We dug out the grass on the right hand side to mimic the curved garden beds we have created in the back yard. The feature, the prickly pear cactus was the only bit of green at the front of the house for a few months after we moved in (his name is Pedro, and we love him). To give Pedro some friends, as an interim measure (because let’s face it, plants are EXPENSIVE), I  simply planted what we owned from terracotta pots at our last apartment. It was a motley bunch of succulents, which I really didn’t hold much hope for. However, I was lucky that my very ‘green thumb’ Mum was happy to donate many interesting succulent cuttings and beautiful Agavaes from her large garden on the South Coast. Slowly but surely, the garden has come together and is kind of flourishing it’s in random and very unplanned way.

Next house goal on the list is to sort out the driveway and sloping garden bed at the front which runs the full length of the house. I have plans of new entrance steps and some epic plants in our biggest garden project yet. Our bank account just need to catch up! I’ll keep you posted on those developments because it’s going to be pretty great!

Briar x


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