Getting ready for School


2018 is a big year for little Sunday, her first year at school. We have a countdown calendar on the fridge that was given to us by her new school, where she has to complete an activity every day. She’s been carrying out these tasks with gusto and asking ‘how many sleeps’ until the big first day. One of the tasks is to help Mum and Dad label all of her belongings. Timing was perfect, because our Stuck On You delivery arrived on our doorstep the day before. We’ve been using this brand of labels for the bast 4 years (they truly do stick), and Sunday’s backpack still looks new after two years at Preschool.

Rafferty has his own supply of labels too as he is starting at his own little daycare centre next month (cry).

I’m a huge fan of the shoe labels, these handy stickers adhere  permanently on to the inner sole of the shoes.

Our little guy is also sorted with a really cute duffle bag and sun hat.

Sunday was especially excited about her new personalised Bento Box and Bento Cooler Bag, a very grown up way of eating lunch. She’s a bit of a picky eater at the best of times, so I figure if she goes to school with a big range of healthy options she’ll likely choose something good she feels like eating. Practice makes perfect so I’ve served her lunch up a few times this way, just so she can practice opening the box up, putting it away in her bag etc. Can you tell I’m feeling a little anxious about my baby starting school? Ha, definitely anxious, but excited for her at the same time – she’s definitely ready!

I’ll be sure to  let you know how the first day goes!

Briar x


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