Christmas at Bunnings


Since starting our renovation and living with a garden for the first time, one of us in the family will pay a visit to Bunnings at least once a week these days. Mark is even on a first name basis at our local one! It’s genuinely a fun place to visit for all of us. Sunday loves the free balloons, Raff loves a trolley ride around the power tools, and I love perusing the aisles for all the DIY inspiration.

Often the way after a visit to Bunnings, you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed. For example, I visited last week to check out the big range of Christmas lights stocked in store every year, and I came home with a gorgeous Staghorn (Mounted Moose Fern to be specific) too.

After chatting to the team member about caring for it, I learnt some handy tips:

To water, place the Staghorn plant-side down in a basin or sink full of room-temperature water large enough to hold the entire back plaque. Soak the plant for 10-20 minutes, or until the root-ball is saturated, and allow the plant to drip dry.

Feed the Staghorn monthly during periods of active grown (Spring and Summer). Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer (ratio of 1:1:1). During periods of dormancy (Autumn and Winter), reduce fertilizing to every other month. Some people suggest feeding a Staghornby slipping a piece of banana peel under the shield frond – I’ll definitely be giving this tip a go soon!

I mounted the Staghorn on the painted bricks off our back deck, I then strung some sweet battery operated LED Bud lights for a subtle nod to the festive season. I love the twinkly glow at night when the sun is setting.

Santa arriving on Christmas Eve is bigger news than ever for little Sunday this year, so she’s really keen to make sure the reindeer have a well lit point for a smooth arrival. I picked up a solar powered lantern at Bunnings that we will set up with carrots and milk to make sure Santa’s Reindeer are rewarded on their arrival. See the big range of lanterns available here.

Lastly, I also purchased a set of LED party lights with a warm white glow that will be a cool and budget friendly adornment for a festive table when I’m entertaining at night during the festive season.

As you can see, Christmas lighting plans don’t have to be garish and over the top if it’s not your style. I like a more subdued approach, but I have to admit I was pretty tempted by the adorable inflatable range – I have visions of the Santa Van on our front lawn. Maybe next year.

Briar x


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