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I’ve been testing out the most powerful vacuum I’ve ever used, which is also making Rafferty happy…After all, it is a new machine that he’s never seen before, it’s also on wheels and makes a noise.

I promise you the Wertheim 7 Series from Godfreys is not just another run of the mill vacuum.  This baby has power, and it looks good! I’m going to sound like a corny informercial but I was honestly so surprised at how much dust it collected after going over our carpeted bedrooms. I truly thought the floors didn’t need a vacuum, how wrong I was! It’s actually been proven that the Wertheim 7 Series  removes 36% more dirt than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner*. That’s a bagless vacuum cleaner I’ve actually owned for the past 8 years, so I can vouch for that statement!

You can feel and see the quality when using this vacuum, it’s just so solid and sturdy. It’s also a bit fancy with it’s wireless control handle and the digital power control on the body of the vacuum. The suction power can be regulated to suit a particular cleaning task, everything from mattresses to curtains. The dust bag indicator will also continually flash red to let you know when the bag requires replacement. So clever!

The vacuum comes with a big range of accessories, my favourite is The Powerhead, as it’s exactly that – the power pulse technology deeply cleans carpet by lifting and removing embedded dust and dirt, and the dust bag has a generous 2.5L capacity (you can purchase replacement bags at Godfreys, $20 for a pack of 4). The Combination Floor tool attachment  is also handy as it can take you straight from carpet to hard floors (perfect for our floorboard/carpet combination in the house). What can I say, I love a vacuum – and the Wertheim 7 Series from Godfreys is a clear winner in my opinion. I also really like the thought of sucking up all that invisible dust, especially with two kids in the house that are prone to asthma.Happy cleaning, folks!

Briar x

*Independent laboratory tested 2017. GFK Australian Sales Data May 2017.

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  • Katherine

    Hey Briar,

    Just wondering what colour you’ve used on the wall in these photos? It’s exactly what I’m looking for for our lounge room (summer holiday project).

    And did you end up keeping your original flyscreen? I’m still on the hunt for one of those, too!

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