Sunday Collector Renovation: Studio Makeover


The ugly duckling room of the house was definitely what we now call our ‘end room’. It’s actually more like a studio space, and after a renovation  and shop at Pottery Barn, it is now a room that is used every day.

A little back story for you…

The room was built by the original owners as an add on in the late 70’s to be used as in-law accomodation. When we purchased the house, we were basically left with an unfinished room that was accessible from the old back porch. A long and narrow space that was really dark (and kind of smelly), the wall dividing it through the middle in to two small rooms only added to the awkwardness. From the first time I saw the house, I was convinced that it would be an easy project to actually join this redundant little area to the main part of the house. I think my builder thought I was mad for not knocking the ‘wing’ down, but we were really keen to keep a fourth bedroom space for guests to be able to stay over…and I’m so happy we persevered because it’s actually ended up being such a handy room for so many reasons for our little family.

I’m not going to lie, once the renovation was finished with the fresh carpet laid and the walls painted – we were still left with a long, narrow room. After knocking the dividing wall out, the space had a lot more light (also thanks to a lovely new louvre window), but I was seriously stumped on how I was going to furnish the difficult space.

I was really clear on what the requirements needed to be:

• We had to to fit in a Queen Size bed with bedside tables and lamps

• I needed a small home office area that was quiet and away from the kids

• As a family, we ideally wanted a second sofa set up for reading and  TV watching (ie. Mark’s sport)

The above requirements is a big ask, I know. This is where Pottery Barn came in and really saved the day. I was asked to check out their new Small Spaces range and to decorate our truly small space. I certainly love a challenge!

I was so impressed, the range of furniture really was going to be the prefect fit. I chose the SoMa Brady Slope Arm Sofa first, being only 200cm in length and not very deep it was perfect. I also managed to squeeze in the handy set of Moraga Coffee Tables.

The small scale of the Murphy Entry Bench in matching timber to the coffee table sits perfectly underneath the wall mounted TV, which will hold Sunday’s DVD player and DVD’s.

 I’ve gained a really handy home office set up with the tiny but mighty Windsor Modular desk and bookshelf . I love that I can hide my ugly printer and store handy samples I’m using on jobs really close to hand. As I use a small laptop, the scale of this desktop is fine for me when working from home. Also pictured above is the Lucas Dining Chair and the oversize desktop clock.

At the far end of the room, the bed set up is a calming little retreat, especially as the outlook is on our new veggie garden (something my Mum especially likes when she recently stayed). I kept things simple with an ensemble bed set up. The petite Photographer’s task Table Lamps serve as perfect reading lamps, and the Wall Basket Art adds some interesting texture to the plain white walls above the bed. I added a layer of soft furnishings and accessories throughout the room with the great range of cushions and throws available at Pottery Barn, my favourite cushion being the washed velvet in indigo.

Raff dropped in for a visit at the end of the shoot after his nap, and another nice little surprise was that the SoMa Brady sofa converts in to a very comfortable bed option, where it simply folds out flat to create a mattress. Wow, we really can have the whole family stay! The option of a mattress pad will give your guests some extra comfort too. Would you look at me below! So speedy and efficient in preparation for my guests, ha!

I’m really happy with how the room turned out in the end. Pint-sized and perfectly scaled, it’s a hardworking space for our little family, giving us the extra space we so desperately needed.

Briar x

Photos by Jacqui Turk.


  • niki

    This is really inspiring. We have a combined office/spare room set up but the bed takes up so much room. A sofa bed makes much more sense…

  • Mike

    Nice to hear the SoMa is comfortable, I’ve been looking at similar styles at Crate & Barrel,I’ll have to swing by PB and check this out. Nice multi functional room that doesn’t seem like a hodge podge. Well done.

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