cr3 cr1 cr2I’m sure you’d agree that when you’re a kid, there’s nothing like some old fashioned water play on the grass in the middle of Summer. Cue slices of watermelon and some sausages on the BBQ and you have the perfect day. My mum tells me I would spend hours outside as a child playing with the simple things like a bucket, hose and plastic shell pool with my sisters. Not an electrical device in sight – the good ol’ days.

cr6 cr5Traditional backyard water play was stepped up over the weekend in our house and Sunday thought Christmas had come early when we set up the Dinoland Play Centre from Clark Rubber.

The store really is a one stop shop when it comes to backyard fun this Summer, check out the link to gifts under $20, which is full of perfect little stocking fillers for all ages.

cr7Our Dinoland Play Centre was inflated in minutes with the help of an electric pump, and we simply placed it on a level area of grass in our Apartment garden and then connected the hose. Like magic, a sprinkler system filled up the big play pool. Little squeals of delight that came immediately from baby Rafferty and Sunday in action with her young neighbour friend was all I needed to know that it was a huge hit. I’m thinking we will set it up again for Raff’s 1st birthday party in February, as it’s the perfect entertainment for kids.

cr4The good news is, I also have three of the Dinoland Play Centres to give away on Instagram this week, so keep an eye out for the post – I promise you the kids will love it!

Briar x

Always remember, never leave children unattended when playing near water. Also, check with your local council for pool and spa fencing, safety and water regulations.


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