Painting the interiors of our house will be one of the last things we complete before moving in, but I definitely see it as one of the most important tasks. It’s no secret that a fresh lick of paint can improve a space immediately, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the transformation away from the old cream walls. The previous owners lived in the house for over 40 years so there is a few layers of messy paint jobs on the original timber windows that need to be fully restored, which is why I’ve decided to go with my ‘professional painter’ contact, rather than my ‘it’s a fast and easy job-painter’. I really want the paint finish to be perfect, so I feel paying that little extra for a premium job will be definitely worth it.

I’m loving working on the fun part first, choosing the colours. One guess who has asked me for a pink bedroom (!!). I’ve decided to use Taubmans throughout the home as I LOVE their colour range (Sunday’s room has been in Taubmans ‘Inverness’ for nearly 5 years now and I’m always getting asked what colour it is). Lucky for Sunday and myself, the range of pinks we can choose from for her room is really pretty gorgeous. I also love the handy tools you’ll find on the Taubmans website, and have been perusing it this week – such as the Paint Planner, Colour Tips and the extensive list of How To articles. Seriously worth checking out!

Happy man Raffy was more than happy to watch me test a variety of colours (I gave him a new paintbrush to inspect and it kept him busy for half an hour)! It got me thinking about some tips I like to take in to consideration when testing paint colours (I like to always do a large patch on the wall I’m working with, although some people like to paint pieces of white cardboard which also great ):

Natural daylight is always going to show your truest colour, never have fluro lighting on and remember that incandescent lighting will always bring out warm tones and yellows. And remember, always make your decisions once the test patch has dried on the wall. It usually looks pretty different from when the wet paint has been first applied.

If you’re choosing colours for the whole home, remember to consider how the hues will flow from room to room to create your whole look.

A single colour can take on a very different look when applied in different finishes. Eg. Wall and window frames can remain the same colour, but consider using an eggshell (a matt and less reflective finish) on the walls with a semi gloss version for trims on windows and skirting boards.

I generally like a bedroom to feel restful and soothing so soft, cool colours and neutrals are always going to work. Same rule applies for kids rooms, it’s important not to overstimulate with really intense colours – some bright colours have been proven to lead to irritability.
I’ll be back here soon to let you know the colour schemes we’re going with, followed by the really big job – the EXTERIOR colour choices. Now that my friends, is when this little red brick house of ours is going to shine!!
Briar x


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