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I’m guilty of a rather impatient wait, but we have finally been given notice that our tenants are moving out of our red brick beauty in two weeks. Our first family home is now in a baby arms reach, and I’m really excited. I met with our builder on site this morning and we chatted about everything from floorboard finish to pendant light positioning.

The first cab off the rank with our refurb will be a new kitchen, so I’m currently googling kitchen removal companies who will do it for free (I have visions of trying to do it with Mark and busting a pipe). The day we have a clean space and the site measure happens where I press go on the manufacture of our gorgeous kitchen cabinets will be an exciting one. I can’t wait show you the kitchen concept, it’s a goodie.

I hope you welcome this –  but I’m going to be taking you all on the renovation journey on here and on Instagram. A plus on the delay of our tenants leaving is that I’ve been given lots of time to research, and because of this, I’m working with some amazing Australian brands. I feel like my blog is a good platform to share my tips and tricks and document a project I can truly call my own. Wish me luck!

Briar x


  • Lee Mills

    How exciting, best of luck cannot wait to go on your journey with you…exciting times ahead indeed!

  • Katherine Hall

    This is so exciting Briar! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with. Oh, and if you decide to remove/replace your front flyscreen… I’ve been looking for that exact one and will gladly take it off your hands! :)

    • admin_briar

      Thanks Katherine. Think I’ll be keeping the flyscreen after a little facelift but I’ll remember you if we decide to take it off! x

      • Katherine Hall

        Fair enough! It looks like a real beauty. Now that I’ve got my heart set on a flyscreen that is period-appropriate for our house I can’t help but notice the plague of hideous 80s security screens on almost every house around us… it’s such a shame. If someone starts making reproductions I’m there :)

  • KL

    Exciting times ahead! Looking forward to following along with you on the journey!

  • Anne

    Very excited for you both. Looking forward to sharing the journey 😍👌

  • Mike

    Sounds exciting, count me in.

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