Resparkle2I’m far from being a Martha Stewart, but I’ve got to put my hand up and say I keep a clean house. I blame my Mum – I was raised to continually pick up after myself, so tidiness is seriously ingrained in my sisters and I. Visitors will often comment on our tidy house when they come over, but it’s not like I’ve been running around like a mad woman beforehand, boringly – it really is just often tidy. Don’t get be wrong, we make a mess (Sunday’s painting and my cooking efforts are activities that spring to mind), but I’ll just clean up after it. So, as you can imagine – it was with delight I received a Resparkle hamper delivery recently.  I’ve been trying out the range for the past week and I can honestly say I love this non-toxic and affordable option for cleaning that actually works. I’m especially impressed with their unique refill pods of active cleaning concentrate – all you do is fit a new pod to your reusable spray bottle and fill with your own tap water. Genius – you’re not paying for more excessive packaging!

Resparkle2Rafferty is putting anything and everything in his mouth at the moment, so I was especially keen to try out the non-toxic cleaner for Toys from the Nursery category of products. It claims to remove sticky residues, zaps stains and bacteria. Made from 100% plant based ingredients, I feel confident to use it on things like his high chair tray and teething toys. You can buy all these products online (you will be pleasantly surprised by the pricing), or you may be interested in the subscription bundles also available on the website.

Happy (and healthy) cleaning!

Briar x


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