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Bosch1I’d describe myself as a naturally messy person who likes nothing more than a clean and ordered home. In other words, I easily make a mess, but I’ll just as easily clean it up. Sunday is a horder and would hold on to everything if she could, and apartment living has got us living pretty minimally (I’m a bandit for filling up a bag for charity while she’s at preschool). Since having kids, I get especially excited about something like a fancy new mop or a new cordless vacuum (think that’s me getting old, too). It’s a first world problem, but I really don’t like lugging our cumbersome floor vacuum out of the cupboard, so the fact that this new slimline one from Bosch Home Appliances that I’ve been trying out can hide away in a corner and is in easy reach at all times ticks lots of boxes for me. I’ll do things daily like zip it around the kitchen bench after Sunday has (messily) had her breakfast, and give her bedroom a once over – always keeping the dust at bay for her problematic asthma.

Bosch3 Bosch4The Athlet Runtime Plus can run for up to 75 minutes on a single charge – longer than any other cordless vac on the Australian market. It’s lightweight and perfect on both our floorboards, tiles and carpet. It also comes with an accessory kit which includes specialised nozzles for upholstery, crevices and car seats. Somebody stop me – I’ll be vacuuming everything soon! Mark also had a whirl of our new toy and was impressed with it’s power on the carpets.

Bosch2I’m not exaggerating when I tell you how much I love this handstick vacuum. It’s like a 1980’s dust buster on steroids. Super convenient but also super efficient. I’m thinking every Dad should get one for Father’s Day ; )

Briar x

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  • Cath

    We bought the same machine about a month ago – love it – so easy to use.

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