I’m about to publish a load of family photos on here because I feel completely compelled to sing the praises of Trish from Tealily Photography. It was so hard to cull the numbers down to my favourites, so there’s a few! Trish visited our home early one morning last week and spent a few hours with the four of us, she photographed our movements in and around our local hood in the golden Autumn light. It sounds cliché, but the memories she captured will be something we will cherish forever, we couldn’t be happier with the story that the photos unfold. Pictured below is just a handful of the photographs – I love how Trish has managed to communicate the innocence of baby Rafferty, the sweet bond between Sunday and Mark, and the unwavering love I have for my little family. I am so in awe of her talent, Trish uses the camera like she could do it with her eyes closed, and with a completely laid back and friendly approach – all while managing to capture the finest details and the sweetest moments.  Ahhhhh…I just have so much love for these photos!

Briar004 Briar010 Briar011  Briar013 Briar015 Briar016 Briar017 Briar025 Briar034 Briar039 Briar042  Briar044 Briar046


Briar058 Briar061 Briar068 Briar080 Briar102 Briar110Briar083 Briar087  Briar114

Briar116 Briar122 Briar128 Briar129I love the final photo is of Mark kissing Sunday goodbye before he heads off to work.

If you’re feeling compelled to do the same with your loved one/s, Tealily Photography has kindly offered 10% off all family sessions for my readers, you’ll just have to book before the end of June.

Briar x

Clothing: Rafferty is wearing Seed Heritage, Sunday is wearing Printbebe.

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  • Mike

    Such a lovely & loving family! Terrific photos,thank you for sharing them with all of us.

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