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WestElm2I read recently that the average 80 year old would have spent 26 years sleeping in their lifetime. These numbers give us all a very good reason to make our sleep space an area that is beautiful and inviting. I think it’s nice to update bed linen and/or accessories in the bedroom every six months. This could be anything from purchasing a new set of pillowcases to an addition of colour with a decorative cushion. With baby Rafferty on the scene, I’m needing but unfortunately missing lovely sleep lately – so I need our bedroom to evoke a sense of calm more than ever. I’ve had my eyes on the mid-century task table lamps from West Elm for a while now, and I’m so happy with how they look in our bedroom. The lights have added a sense of formality that was missing before, and I love the oversize slim profiles that really work in proportion with our king size upholstered bed. I’m a fan of design from the 50’s and 60’s and the Antique brass-finished metal pull chain and detailing on the lamps is really gorgeous.

To complete my version of a ‘sanctuary’, white and grey bedlinen from Cultiver seems to get better with every wash and I couldn’t resist the peach piping in the Sea Tangle linen cushion from Kate&Kate.

WestElmLightWestElm3It’s no secret flowers bring about positive emotional feelings when you enter a room, which is why I try to have them (and potted plants) dotted around the house almost all of the time. Sunday has even taken to having a vase of blooms in her bedroom lately – although I’m working on her favourite flower choice – the rather gaudy Gerbera. Who am I to judge though, it beats her admiring a Barbie doll!

Briar x

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  • Spark

    Just beautiful!!! Very inspired now – have been eyeing off the West Elm lamps for a while now!

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