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IMG_2338We had a lovely week at my parents house on the South Coast recently, and Sunday was in heaven. There is something to be said for the outdoors where kids can get dirty and roam free. My little city slicker didn’t ask for the TV to be turned on once, and we discovered just how deep her obsession with gardening and bugs is. Butterfly catching took up a large percentage of the week (I’m not kidding, I think she has a slightly obsessive personality), as did fishing expeditions with Daddy and flower picking in my Mum’s abundant garden.

P2 P3We worked on a very simple project across the week, documenting Sunday’s travels and finds with photos and drawings – and she was thrilled to be able to take it in to Preschool for Show + Share when she returned to Sydney. I highly recommend this little activity, she was so proud of her little purple folder!

Briar x


  • Kath

    You are such a beautiful mother and do so many wonderful things with your gorgeous children. Makes me want to be a mum just like you.

  • Bali Yoga

    she look wonderful and she look so beautiful on the pictures. Good luck with the project :)

  • Poppy

    We loved having you all down here. It was a great time for not only fishing and feeding the horses but exploring and just running around the garden. And soon Raff will be wanting his big sister to show him all these things as well. Love to you all, see you soon, xxxxxx Nanny and Poppy

    • admin_briar

      Raff will love it too I’m sure, see you soon Poppy! x

  • Anne

    Great Blog Briar. Always some great points, plans and thoughts.

  • Mike

    Childhood as it ought to be! I’m more than slightly jealous of how carefree Sunny is but also glad she has the opportunity to enjoy her time with her grandparents. And Giddy Up is a love.

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