Hands down two tops of Sunday’s that really went the distance last year were from Australian brand Oishi-m. I sound like a television commercial, but wash after wash the pieces kept their shape and kept her warm through Winter. The label truly produces the opposite of fast throw away fashion. Oishi-m garments are designed for functionality and comfort, produced to endure hand-me-downs (which is so true, I have been able to pass on last year’s designs to Sunday’s smaller cousin). Sunday is pictured above in the lovely new Dreamers Crew Jumper. She calls it her new ‘exercise top’ for some reason (I’m guessing because of comfort), I just love the colours on her.

Oishi1 Oishi2We were excited to be gifted again with a few pieces from their 2016 range, and Rafferty was lucky enough to score a little outfit himself. Not only will you find a big range of clothing for boys and girls 3 months to 6 years on the website, there is also the cutest range of footwear – from Bergstein Gumboots to Nikes, you really don’t need to shop anywhere else for little shoes.Oishi4Don’t you just love a little pair of baby feet. Rafferty is wearing the Mickey P legging, and it won’t be long until he’ll be fitting the cute Open Ramp Crew top, pictured above.

Briar x


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