Our sweet boy


Our baby boy arrived 10 days ago, and we are completely smitten. His name is Rafferty McIntosh Stanley and so far he is one chilled little guy. He loves his milk and staring at his Mum and Dad. He also loves his big sister’s voice. He’s always hungry (if he takes after Mark who is 6 foot 4, he has a lot of growing to do)! Birth stats were: 3.94kg, 53cm tall (shorter but slightly chubbier than his big sister).

My Mum has been on hand since I arrived home from hospital and has been a godsend with keeping Sunday’s routine going, food on the table  and preventing the washing from piling up – I never want her to leave.

Personally, I’m feeling really good and strong – and I know this is because of what I can describe only as my dream labour. After a pretty shocking experience the first time around with Sunday, it was as if I was different person giving birth to Rafferty – a quick 4 hours and we met our sweet boy. Luck was on my side that day…an amazing midwife and doctor also played a huge part, and I’ll be forever grateful to them.

Above is a collection of photos from the past ten days, getting to know one other. Thanks for all your well wishes and messages, see you back here soon.

Briar x


  • Hannah

    Congratulations!! I am so so happy for you xox

  • Henke Du Plessis

    That is the BEST news. Oh how I love my 2 boys. The second was also just bliss, but the first was that elation and unexpected wave of too much love. Enjoy every minute. I still think of my 2 as toddlers, but they are 7 and 9!!!! We are already thinking of high Schools for Lucca. We just bought an Uber King Bed last year as I was freaking out that the boys are growing too quickly and they would not feel they could just get into our bed. Best decision I have ever made. Buying linen for this bed is freakishly expensive, as only 100% french washed beautiful linens are available in this size, but what a treat. I live in my bed now. With a boy in each arm whenever they need extra cuddles. We are just lapping in up before they don’t want to snuggle with us. What a joy. LOVE Rafferty Macintosh – stunning name, he could be a stock trader or pro surfer with this name. Very cute. Sunday is looking more and more like you. Have fun and enjoy your mum.

    God bless,

  • Pauline Stanton

    Congratulations Briar. Wishing you all much happiness and a long life filled with love and great memories. enjoy! Pauline xx

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