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ROCKCO_6My very clever friend from school has started up a business and I want to let you know all about it. Rock & Co started as a side project for Rachel while she was on maternity leave with her second child, and now an evening passion while she balances life with two young kids and her day job in advertising. Rachel’s interest in crystals and minerals sparked purely from an aesthetic point of view, and once she started to see positive changes in her own life, she was quickly drawn into the metaphysical properties too. Rachel says, “I purchased a Citrine cluster on a whim (one of the crystals known for increasing wealth) and within the week our little household had three financial wins in various forms and in totally unexpected ways. My husband was (and still is) skeptical but it ignited my curiosity and I began reading and educating myself on everything crystals and minerals”

That said, for Rachel it’s still the beauty of a piece that attracts her first, “it’s got to be something that you enjoy looking at, and having in your home”. I’m also someone that is obsessed with my interiors (obviously), so it’s definitely the beauty of these minerals that have me waiting them dotted around my home!
ROCKCO_9Rachel is starting to receive emails from people wanting her to help choose the right piece for them, or source a specific crystal for a certain place in the house which she absolutely loves doing. Rachel also has a couple of extension plans for later in the year which she’s very excited about, so stay tuned.
After checking out the gorgeous range (pictured above is just a handful), I chose the Clear Quartz, which is considered the most versatile crystal due to its energy clearing and protection abilities, as well as its healing powers. I also just love the look of it! It’s said that Quartz absorbs, stores and regulates the energies around it making it perfect for manifesting your dreams into reality, and clearing any unwanted negative energies. As it’s beneficial for clarity and clearer thinking, Quartz is also an ideal companion during meditation, study or times you require focus. Rachel said Clear Quartz would be ideal for my living room to help create family harmony, and balance any negative energy that comes into the home. With a new baby on the way, along with the sleepless nights, I thought this could be a good fit.
ROCKCO_3Sunday chose a little Rose Quartz, which is often called ‘the love stone’ for all types of love – self love and confidence, family love, romantic love… or in Sunny’s case new baby sibling love. For children, this can be a really calming stone apparently – a good one to keep in the bedroom for any children that may get nightmares or night terrors. All I can say is she loves her little piece of treasure – helped I’m sure by the fact it’s a beautiful pink!
ROCKCO_2ROCKCO_10I really love the gorgeous website Rachel has created, helped with the very cool identity, designed by Billie Routledge (the colour palette has me weak at the knees)  – who happens to also be my cousin! I just love seeing friends and family follow their dreams.
AND Rachel has kindly offered 20% to all Sunday Collector readers – just use the code sundaycollector at the checkout. Happy Crystal hunting!
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