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CireTrudon1CireTrdon5I’d describe myself as a bit of a thrifty person, but there are just some things in life worth splurging on. Some people choose shoes, I alway find it easier to part with cash when it’s something for the home. The scent that permeates from a Cire Trudon definitely makes a worth while splurge in my book. My sister introduced me to the french brand years ago via. a christmas gift (I’ve kept the beautiful green vessel and actually have a mini orchid in it at the moment). I’m completely in love with the new range that’s been brought out in time for Christmas, including the hand decorated gold and the matte charcoal edition pictured above.

I thought I’d share a little bit of history from this impressive brand  – In 1643, Claude Trudon opened his store on the rue Saint‐Honoré in Paris, first supplying his unique candles to the Saint Roch parish, where the Trudon candles still burn to this day. His family business found Royal favour, supplying the French monarchy till the end; during captivity in 1793, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (love this fact) used Cire Trudon candles to light their final hours. Politically adroit, Cire Trudon avoided the furies of the Revolution, found favour with Napoleon Bonaparte, and endured against the industrial advances of the century that followed.  Today, Maison de Cire Trudon is best known for its high quality perfumed candles, still made from the same centuries old secret recipe free of paraffin and impurities.

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Check out the behind the scenes video of the Maison Trudon and glipse the secrets that go into the making of these divine candles. Cire Trudon are available from limited stockists in Australia, and you’ll find a stunning display at one of my favourite stores in Sydney – The Country Trader.


You can also purchase them online at another beautiful store, Becker Minty. Now, I just wish my blog had a ‘smell me’ button.

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