MinoucheIntroducing a new favourite clothing brand, Minouche. Ally Mahoney is Mum to two young kids and a few years ago, found herself wanting the very common career change to better suit motherhood and on a whim decided to buy a sewing machine. As soon as it arrived, she was smitten, taking her straight back to her childhood of watching her mum, who was a talented dressmaker. Ally says “Mum was always sewing away, making me stand on chairs while she pinned things on me, taking me to fabric shops.

With her new sewing machine, the gorgeous brand, Minouche was born. Ally taught herself how to sew – originally using patterns bought on Etsy. Although she hadn’t had any formal training, all the years spent around her mum, listening to her and watching her, helped a lot…she wasn’t afraid of the process or terminology. As her confidence grew, Ally started to sell some of the pieces she’d made on Etsy. “I was as surprised as anyone when I started to sell these pieces, and even more surprised when it got to a stage where I couldn’t handle the volume.”

The sewing duties got busy enough for Ally to think about outsourcing the manufacturing and she was lucky enough to find a lovely, boutique manufacturing company in Bali, run by Australians, focusing on excellent quality and ethical work practices. Ally is also glad that all the years she spent working in administration and marketing roles weren’t in vain – “If I didn’t have a basic understanding of marketing, accounting and business practices I would have found the whole process a lot more difficult, and not doubt would have had to outsource a lot more of the work.”

Minouche1Minouche has just released it’s first official collection, with a Summer collection arriving in October. I’m so impressed with the cut and quality of the dress pictured above (Sunny is modelling it while taking her ballet practice rather seriously). A little bit modern, a little bit traditional  – which is exactly the way I like Sunday to dress (and I’m lucky enough that she is still letting me choose her outfits)!

Briar x


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