Taking Stock


www.guijorge.com.au-89I spotted this ‘fill in yourself’ list on Jodi’s blog, Practicing Simplicity – who originally saw it on Pip’s blog, Meet me at Mike’s. I’ve got a lot of things flying around my head at the moment, so it was with perfect timing that I sat back, and took stock. I highly recommend it! Get Pip’s blank list here, if you also want to give it a go.

Making: a design board for a client’s master bedroom
Cooking: orecchiette and meatballs for dinner
Drinking: rosé, sparkling water and a coffee a day – I’m trying to give up diet coke
Reading: emails and ‘Spot’ books
Wanting: a visit to the hairdresser
Looking: at a pile of random toys Sunday gifted to me at my desk before she went for her afternoon nap
Playing: Justine Clark on Sunday’s pink CD player
Deciding: what email to reply to next
Wishing: my Mum lived closer
Enjoying: seeing my small business busier than ever
Waiting: on a quote from a carpet layer
Liking: watching less TV
Wondering: if Sunday will ever eat her vegetables
Loving: learning transcendental meditation
Pondering: a floorboard colour for a house I am working on
Considering: a holiday in the sun
Buying: yummy organic food from ‘About Life’ in Cammeray
Watching: re-runs of Play School on my phone in the early mornings with Sunday
Hoping: to get to the gym four times this week
Marvelling: the people at the gym that work out every day
Cringing: my readers might think this is a strange blog post for me (but I’m still enjoying writing it)
Needing: a manicure
Questioning: my new shoe purchase
Smelling: Eternity by Calvin Klein (old school)
Wearing: a new scarf from Country Road
Following: the bizarre recent news story on Rachel Dolezal
Noticing: the floor needs a mop
Knowing: I’m trying to juggle too much at the moment
Thinking: about my Grandma, always
Admiring: Sunday’s tiny nose (this morning I was, anyway)
Sorting: receipts for the end of the financial year (oh, the joy!)
Getting: not enough sleep and too much caffeine
Bookmarking: an article I read advising teenagers to invest money early and wisely (the thought of Sunday affording to get a roof over her head one day terrifies me).
Coveting: a new armchair
Disliking: over-sharing on social media
Opening: an invitation to Sunday’s cousins birthday party
Giggling: Sunday’s attempt to hop on one leg at ballet class this morning
Feeling: happy, but a little stressed
Snacking: strawberries and tamari almonds
Helping: my sister with school pick up today
Hearing: rain and a car horn

I hope you are all having a great week,

Briar x

Photo of Sunday’s sun kissed feet by Gui Jorge


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