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2014_05_30_Tealily_HighRes_09-50-55I have a love for photography, but haven’t touched on the skills side of things since my first year of studying design at Enmore Design Centre (back in 2000), which sounds like a few years ago – but do the maths and it was actually fifteen! Since having Sunday, documenting life has never felt more important. She’s growing at a rapid rate and I want her to have a great collection of memories to look back on – and for me to have some photos to most likely shed a tear over when I’m old and grey, and she’s galavanting around in life without her mumma by her side.

Apart from REALLY looking forward to a day just for me and a yummy lunch, the reasons above are why on Saturday 30th May, I’m packing up my Canon camera and laptop and heading to beautiful Avalon to attend the signature workshop held by Life Captured Inc – which is ‘the modern school of memory keeping’. It’s run by amazing blogger and graphic designer Ronnie and the equally talented photographer Trish. I’ve long been an admirer of Trish’s work, and recently had the pleasure of meeting her on a shoot for Fete Press. It was on the shoot that Trish told me about their workshops, which is also available as an online course, if you can’t make the day workshop at the end of this month. I’ll make sure I check back in and let you know how I go (hopefully I’ll have a collection of my own photos to show off from the day). I can’t wait! Briar x


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  • Shari from GoodFoodWeek

    That sounds like so much fun – I’m waiting until my 8 month old can be left with Daddy for a substantial amount of time, so I can partake in activities like this.

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