In all the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve never published an interview on here. I’ve decided that 2015 will be the year that you’ll find a few popping up. My aim is to share some words and pictures from creatives that inspire me, and in turn, inspire you. Party decoration master Heidi Moore-Gill from The Bespokery has been blowing me away with her creations for the past few years (just check out her website for the amazing wedding + corporate events she designs and decorates). It was certainly happy mail that arrived towards the end of last year with a beautiful hand-bound book especially made by Heidi for Sunday. As well as asking Heidi to explain how the mysterious but lovely notebook came about, I asked her a few extra questions, which she very kindly answered (and I am now positively desperate to visit the shop in San Francisco she mentions) :

Tell me about where you were/what you were doing when you made the gorgeous book for Sunday?  
I spent 4 inspiring days with Wendy Addison and a group of like minded creatives in a really special place called Porta Costa in California. We stayed in an old bordello, in the gold mining town about 40 minutes north of San Francisco.  At that time of the year, the hills are covered in golden grasses, the famous fog is gone and the sun shines the most. We met daily in the courtyard between old buildings, garlanded with marquee lights at night, and learnt to letterpress, to work with wax and flowers,  to make crowns,  to make paper theatre  &  bind books*. Molly and Kaari Meng set up an outdoor shibori dying area in the woods up on the hill, which remained alive all weekend so we could come and go and dip and dye all day and night. Marcia from Tinsel Trading in New York brought trunks of antique bullion, trims, paper, tickets, flowers, and ephemera for us to use and purchase in our work. Lisa Salazar lovingly made us the most amazing lunches and dinners,  using the local Californian produce, and we ate in Wendy’s beautiful rambling garden, drank exquisite local prosecco in her kitchen and watched her puppet theatres in awe. I met a brilliant and beautiful group of friends at the retreat, and we laughed and crafted and helped each other over the days…Aided by beautiful wines from Sonoma that we drank from paper cups in the courtyard.

(*I discovered some 50’s wrapping paper that reminded me of Briar, and that began Sunny’s book.. While I was looking  through Wendy’s antique papers I found sheet music, old cover pages and notes.  “Sunday” themed papers and pieces kept presenting themselves to me while I rummaged and to be honest, I thought that very few people would ‘get’ the beauty and thought but Briar would and I do adore their little Sunny from afar.)

What’s been a career highlight so far?
I really enjoyed doing the POP to Popism launch, at the AGNSW – it was amazing! It also felt very special being photographed for Australian Vogue and I loved being profiled on The Grace Tales. Julie Adams is a wonderful portrait photographer.  

What’s your favourite restaurant?  
There is a tiny little place perched on the edge of a limestone edge in a hill town in the Luberon, France.

What’s your favourite shop?     
Bell’Occhio in San Francisco, my friend Maybelle took me there when I was in California. The most exquisite ideas and execution, every single detail is beautifully finished and wrapped and made, down to the owners finest handwritten shop dockets.

What are you reading?  
Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please! and Monocle’s Guide to Good Business.

What are you looking forward to? 
Riding my bike for hours and getting fit again!

Photos from her time in Posta Corta below are by Rachel Stanich:





Thanks for your time Heidi, you are the definition of a natural talent.

Briar x


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