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Hello everyone! 

It’s been a while between posts. We have recently returned from a truly fabulous holiday in Bali. If you follow on me on Instagram (sunday_collector), you would have seen the steady stream of squares that captured some of the food we ate, the pools we swam in, and the very cute friendship between Sunday and her little travelling companion, Kit. I have a few more photos that I plan to share (taken on my proper camera), but I thought I would kick off the week with a few photos of the eclectic loot I returned home with. I spent one afternoon exploring a ‘locals’ market in Denpasar, and came across a store that I can only describe as a ‘Balinese Officeworks/Bunnings from the 1970’s’. I can’t even tell you the name (as it had no signage), but the local I was shopping with informed me it was a general store that had been there for over 45 years where the locals buy in bulk. I feel like I only hit the sides, but was happy with my bag full of quirky things like notepads, twine, scissors and envelopes  – all for the grand sum of AUS $22.00. The shopkeepers thought I was mad, I’m sure. 

I was all geared up to pick some pretty dresses in Seminyak one morning, but I’m not going to lie, the (ladies) fashion in Bali is pretty disappointing (bar some great leather goods, mainly bags etc). Although, wow – did little Sunday manage to clean up! We had a spree at  my favourite label for girls (which is based in Seminyak) Coco & Ginger. I love that Sunday is reaching an age where she’s appreciating her little outfits, pointing out the ‘fwowers and leeeafs’ in the fabrics, and having an opinion with her shoe selection every morning (heaven help me with a teenage Sunday)!

I’ll be back later in the week with some tips on where to stay and where to eat – the options are truly endless…


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