Five Things


Five things I am loving:

1. My super crafty Mum has been at it again, and this time our couch has scored a new throw in time for the chillier months. Knitted by Les with over sized needles and a few rolls of the unique yarn call Hooked Zpagetti – it’s heavy, but oh so colourful and cosy!
2. I know everyone is talking about coconuts – in the water and in the oil form…and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with coconut oil in the shower – use it like you would a body wash. Hello, moisturised skin! Just watch those slippery tiles…
3. I’m loving thinking about our Bali adventure – the Stanley’s are on a jet plane on Saturday, and we can’t wait. Read my Bali blog posts from 2010 here…but please drop me a line if you have any must-visit tips! I’ll be blogging about all my new finds, of course! Leather passport bag from kikki.K
4. I love that one of Sunday’s favourite activities is art + craft (it was my favourite too), and my little butterball came home from her daycare on Valentines Day with a gorgeous heart. I can’t help but hang all her masterpieces, they make me smile. 
5. No doubt I’ll be longing for a cocktail by the pool once I return from Bali, so I have the Rhubarb + Rose fizz recipe on my radar – from Mark’s great new cookbook The Agrarian Kitchen. I’ll be sure to blog the recipe once I have attempted it.

See you back here soon!

Briar x


  • Maggieom

    Briar, I would be so grateful if you had any tips on good places to stay in Seminyak, I am trying to book accommodation for my family , have two young ones 4 and 1, and I’m having so much trouble having not been there before, any hot accomm tips you would be so kind to share???!!!


      Hello Maggie, we love Uma Sapna (Coconut Homes) in Seminyak – they have a great two bedroom villa with a large pool (that they erect a temporary fence for you) that is central to everything in Seminyak. The website Little Bali Love also has some kid friendly options they talk about on there…hope that helps! Enjoy Bali.

  • Maggieom

    That’s amazing, thank you so much, off to check them out, so appreciate your reply and advice, happy travels!

  • Sue Marrazzo

    LOVE your post!

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